June 15, 2023

Triathlon essentials #12

So you don't miss a single moment of this sporting weekend!

The Deauville Normandie Triathlon consists of six races over three days of competition, with numerous events and activities surrounding the event. To help you make your way through the exhaustive program and get the most out of this incredible sporting event, the best moments of the 12th edition have been selected on this page.

David Pintens

Everyone can participate

Different levels of difficulty to cater for all sporting levels

Triathlon is an individual sport consisting of three disciplines: open-water swimming, cycling and cross-country running on roads or trails. An important component of triathlon is the transition, which is an integral part of the overall time counted for competitors. Often regarded as a fourth event, transitions require competitors to make rapid changes of discipline and equipment between two events.

The Deauville Normandie Triathlon is divided into six levels of courses:  

8:30am: DISCOVERY - 300m swim, 23km bike and 5km run
9:00 am: FULL DISTANCE - 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42km run.
1:30 p.m.: LONG DISTANCE - 1.9km swim, 90km bike and 21km run.

8:30 am: DO750 - 750m swim, 38km bike and 10km run.
1:00 pm: YOUTH - 50 to 200m swim, 2 to 4km bike and 200m to 1.6km run depending on category (poussin, pupille, benjamin or minime).
3:00 p.m.: DISTANCE OLYMPIQUE - 1.5km swim, 40km bike and 10km run.

Sandrine Boyer Engel
Sandrine Boyer Engel
David Pintens

Cheer on the triathletes!

Fan spots

Triathletes need support to help them push themselves to the limit. That's why we've compiled a list of the best spots on the course to watch the athletes go by. The inevitable Côte Saint Laurent with its 15% gradient over 200 meters, of course, but also in town, on the beach or in the countryside. All along the route, triathletes are waiting for you. 

Here are the key locations:
- The beach where the swim starts (except for the Full Distance, for which the start will be at Lac Terre d'Auge in Pont l'évêque).
- The exit from the bike park, boulevard Cornuché, to watch the triathletes in transition.
- The côte Saint-Laurent, in an atmosphere worthy of mountain bike race climbs (except on the Découverte and DO750 courses).
- The descent to Benerville-sur-Mer and its beautiful panorama.
- Les Planches de Deauville, to accompany the athletes in their final effort.
- The finish on Avenue Lucien Barrière , with its 400-seat grandstand.


Le Tri Expo

Events, workshops and conferences

The heart of the event, the Tri Expo, located at the Point de Vue and across the Lais de Mer parking lot, is the place where spectators and triathletes converge. With entertainment on the stands, exhibitor demonstrations and sports conferences, this is an unmissable gathering place to follow the triathlon. To combine theory and practice, workshops led by sports professionals are organized throughout the weekend to perfect your triathlon skills. The key to a successful triathlon is to glean a few tips from the pros before you set off!

2pm - 8pm: Tri Expo booths open.
5pm - 6:30pm: "Workshop Natation", all the tips and tricks for successful open-water swimming. Le Point de Vue.
17h45 - 19h: "Sport & Handicap" conference, how sport adapts to be accessible to all. Le Point de Vue.

7.30am- 8pm: Opening of the Tri Expo stands.
10am - 11am: "Workshop Vélo avec Lepape", all the information you need to succeed on your bike and master the Côte Saint Laurent. A number of technical aspects of bike set-up will be covered for better positioning. Le Point de Vue.
11am - 12pm: "Running Workshop with Asics", valuable information and professional advice on how to tackle the Deauville boards in the best possible conditions. Le Point de Vue.

2pm - 8pm: Tri Expo booths open.

An inclusive triathlon!

A variety of routes so that everyone can take part.

School events bring together 1200 children from all over Normandy to try their hand at triple effort.
The Youth Races, for children aged 8 to 15, are divided into 4 categories (according to age) to reveal the champions of tomorrow.

Last kilometer device enabling a disabled athlete to accompany an able-bodied athlete over the last kilometer of the run.
Inclusive duo: a disabled youngster and an able-bodied youngster run in pairs.
Adapted to each disability. This system has already enabled a number of triathletes to take part, including Alexis Hanquinquant, a regular participant in the Deauville Normandie Triathlon, and Antoine Perel and his guide Olivier Lyoens.

In 2022, women represented 22% of registrants.
The goal this year is to reach 33%, or a third of registrations.

Involvement of employees in volunteer work on the Chill Zone and sustainable development initiatives.
Company participation in a spirit of diversity (44% of company registrations are women) and multiculturalism, with registrants coming from all the countries where their company is based.

David Pintens
Sandrine Boyer Engel

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