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Sandrine Boyer Engel
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45 Figaro Bénéteau 2 and their skipper, competition boats

The result of a successful collaboration between the best racers in the Figaro Bénéteau Class, the Chantiers Bénéteau and the architect Marc Lombard.
Since its arrival in 2003, the Figaro Bénéteau 2 has had the heavy responsibility of making a unique competition circuit even more dynamic. This beautiful, modern and innovative boat has already seduced a good number of skippers, who are full of praise for it.

Delphine Barré Lerouxel
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The Marité, the last Newfoundlander

The last Newfoundland sailing ship of the French maritime heritage, the Marité is the witness of the "great profession", the cod fishing on the banks of Newfoundland, which for four centuries has provided a living for many families of the Normandy, Brittany and Basque coasts. The presence of the three-masted ship arouses admiration and emotion on every occasion. Flagship of Normandy, where she was born, she is part of history, of our maritime history. 44.90 meters long, 8 meters wide, 650m² of sail area. www.lemarite.com

Visit to the quay every day : 3 € - 1,50 € for children under 12 years old.

Normandy Maritime Heritage
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The Grandcopaise, historical monument

Built in 1949 in Cherbourg, on plans of 1934, this trawler boat, then "Deux Amis" was armed for fishing until 1988, then sold to a yachtsman. Abandoned in the port of Grandcamp, its destruction was considered. Several people mobilized to save this beautiful hull, almost unique in Basse-Normandie. The association of old Torbouai riggings of Bessin and the commune of Grandcamp-maisy are now watching over it. The hull of the Grandcopaise is registered in the supplementary inventory of historical monuments since 1993. www.lagrandcopaise.fr

Visits at the quay: free access.

CADAC of Dives sur mer
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The Phebe, the curlew of the English Channel

Built at the Chantier du Lude in Courseulles sur Mer in 1962, "Phebe" respects the tradition of the classic freeboard constructions of Norman fishing boats. It is made of several types of wood, oak for the keel, the bow and the stern as well as for the transom, the bottom and the planking are in mahogany as well as the coaming. The Courlis de la Manche have a Bourcet Malet type rig, it can be driven by a fixed 10 hp engine.

Visits at the quay: free access.

CADAC of Dives sur mer
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The St Rémi, flambard of Dives sur mer

Built at the Cherbourg Arsenal in 1945/46, this vessel, which became the property of the town of Dives sur Mer in 1990, was the first unit of a series called "Rachel" (its baptismal name), in order to quickly re-supply the local markets with fish. This series was financed in part by the war damages paid by Germany.
After a decade of hard work in coastal fishing, the "Rachel" left the Manche department for the Calvados department, where she became a boat registered for pleasure craft under the name of "St Rémi". Stored for twenty years in a garage in Houlgate, the "St Rémi" was bought by the town of Dives sur Mer, and was immediately entrusted to the good care of CAPAC, the local sailing school, with the mission of carrying out the restoration work. Under the advice of François Renault, a specialist in Norman boats, the "St Rémi" received a Flambart rigging, with a set of new sails. On July 14, 1990, the "St Rémi" returned to the sea after three months of intensive work.

Visits at the quay: free access.

Association Petit Foc
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The François Monique, a shellfish sloop in the Brest harbor

Built at the Chantier du Fret in 1935, it was designed for scallop fishing, the harvesting of maerl (calcareous sand for land improvement) and red seaweed to fertilize the fields.
In 2008, the old rig was bought by Franck Brize and repatriated to Trouville-Deauville. The same year, the Petit Foc association was created and started the restoration of the boat, giving it back its character, its colors, its rigging of yesteryear. The association aims at educational, cultural and environmental outings in Normandy, on the Côte Fleurie and the Côte de Nacre.

Quay of the Imperatrice Eugenie
Visits to the quay : free access
Sea trips : prices and reservations on site or with Michel Labouche at 02 31 65 11 80 or 06 83 21 90 97 - www.petit-foc.asso.fr

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The Phidrak, the boat for everyone

The "Phidrak" is a boat fitted out in 2015 for people with disabilities by the Deauville Sailing Club. All maneuvers are done in the cockpit (sails, rope handling...). It is simple, easy to access (including for people in wheelchairs) and safe. The association proposes visits of the boat and exhibition on the work of installation of the accessibility for the handicapped of this boat

Pier of the Imperatrice Eugenie
Visits at the quay: registration on site - free.
June 10 >19: 11am-12:30pm / 2pm-7pm


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