LEF is a hip-hop collective founded in 2015, composed of 3 rappers and 3 beatmakers. The diversity brings to the group a unifying and impactful energy that is felt during live performances. This panache notably took the sextet to the finals of the Emergenza springboard at the Bataclan (2018). A team of stage enthusiasts ready to fight, without ruining your clothes.

Formed in 2009, Fixpen Sill stands out thanks to a fluid rap, focused on technique and performance. They got noticed with the "5 Majeur", a collective composed with Nekfeu, Hunam and Heskis, which was very successful. In February 2016, Fixpen Sill released their first album "Edelweiss" and signed their big comeback. Last June, Fixpen Sill came back with a new EP "A4637"!

At 23 years old, Sopico is an evolving artist whose inspiration tends to fly in all directions, much like the lava described in his track Volcano. While he gained attention with the very good MOJO released in 2016, he continued his momentum with another long project released in January 2018.
He is THE French hip hop revelation of the year.
He is part of the label "Nouvelle Ecole" with Still Fresh.
He released his album "Masque Blanc" at the beginning of the year which was a huge success. His latest production in feat with Nekfeu already accumulates more than 5 million views in 15 days!

For years, Joe Lewandowski nurtured an incestuous relationship with techno via his band The Iron Years. A trip to New York in 2016 finally brought him back to his first love: house and disco. From this union were born two illegitimate bastards, the Bkp parties he helped co-found and an EP, "Premiers Frissons", on the Italian label Hopera Records. Always in search of true love, he came back to Paris to become one of the residents of the club Garage and the party La Claque and Madman Regent.
In two vinyl albums, the Voilaaa collective has undoubtedly become the best dance, funk and African adventure of the moment. Its best hits ("On te l'avait dit", "La France") are played over and over again on the selective playlists of Radio Nova.

Guts, pseudonym of Fabrice Henri, born on April 14, 1971 in Boulogne-Billancourt, in the Hauts-de-Seine, is a French beatmaker and producer of hip-hop and funk. Under the name of Gutsy, he was one of the founding members of Alliance Ethnik, which he produced for a decade1. He also works with Big Red from Raggasonic, the Svinkels, the Sages Poètes de la Rue, Common, De La Soul, or Rahzel from the Roots. In 2016, he has a total of five solo albums
The Camion Bazar has been going from party to party for a few years now. Romain Play is in charge of the turntables, delivering performances mixing dj sets and lives. He mixes his vinyls while playing with drum pads and other instruments on top.
The Camion Bazar is not only music, but also a scenography that fully participates in the atmosphere of the performances.
The Camion Bazar is becoming more and more a must in the French night scene, Benedetta and Romain Play regularly welcoming performers and young djs to accompany them during their performances.

Halfway between Live Band and MAO, Yuma Guma displays a multicolored musical spectrum going from Disco to Techno through House. Organizers of their "Imaginarium" parties in the capital, they impose themselves in the French musical landscape as one of the most attractive new projects.

After a first EP that gave them a real place on the French music scene, the Kimono band is back with a second EP that doubles in intensity. The band draws its influences from the 80's - music and cinema combined - on which it puts a new look to produce a pop music tinged with Japanese jazz-funk.

In 2007, it was time for a female revelation. In 2018, should sound that of a revelation Corine! To #meetoo, will answer the #leeloo, from the name of the heroine of one of his songs, "Marche Nocturne". Because Corine, flamboyant diva disco glam / disco-charm, with a peroxide mane and eyelids has this in common with Simone de Beauvoir and Michele Obama that she pushes the beautiful sex to empowerment, starting with herself. This extroverted hedonist, capable of taking on a Quebec accent for no reason during an entire evening, reconciles us with that obscure part of ourselves that dreams of oiling up our bodies in the summer and wearing a green bikini with furry boots in the winter. "Finally, we must cultivate joy, let go in order to stop thinking. Have fun with sensuality", sighs the divine creature while applying an umpteenth (useless) layer of iridescent gloss on her lips...
Macadam crocodile was born from the association of Xavier Polycarpe (gush) and Vincent Brülin (rülin, fortune) whose ambition is to mix the conception of DJing with organic and synthetic instruments played live. Their uninterrupted live-set ignites the dancefloors by their trance and their creative spontaneity, the tracks follow one another mixing improvisation and bewitching loops on disco, funk, electro, show, afro rhythms. They play to make people dance. They decided to play together to have fun, and to see them together they clearly reached their goal, the jokes fly, the seriousness is only in small doses, the rage and the madness which seize them during their live attack all of them from the first row to the last.

How do you make your way from Vitry-sur-Seine to the dancefloors of Studio 54? Ask Cerrone. Yet the story could have been written differently if little Marc's mother hadn't decided to buy her son a drum kit to channel his energy. Once seated behind his toms, the Santana, Chicago and Blood Sweat & Tears fan proved to be quite gifted and began to dream of a life in music.
At the age of 17, he formed his first band, Kongas, a funk combo mixing Afro-Latin music and Afrobeat. In the summer of 1972, while playing drums on the port of St-Tropez, the musician was spotted by Eddie Barclay who immediately signed him to his label. In 1976, feeling the Hi-Fi revolution coming, Cerrone imagines a record combining progrock, soul and funk, orchestral arrangements and synthetic keyboards. To realize his fantasies, the musician opted for the Trident studios in London (frequented by Yes and Genesis). With its A side composed of a 16-minute long instrumental, Love In C Minor is a UFO that will baffle the French record companies. Even Eddie Barclay doesn't believe in it : "it will never be played on the radio ! But Cerrone does not care. He modestly had 5000 albums pressed on his own account. This record will benefit from an extraordinary helping hand of the destiny: an order, originally planned for the Champs Disques store in Paris is sent by mistake to New York. The New York DJs were infatuated with the sound of the little Frenchman, as was Neil Bogart, the boss of the Casablanca label, who released a first cover of the track that made the night clubs happy. Cerrone sees a sign and decides to try his luck in the USA.
It is Ahmet Ertegün, owner of Atlantic Records, who wins the bid by offering the Frenchman a contract for seven years and three albums. The Cerrone machine is launched. The musician chains the hits and pockets in passing five Grammy Awards. The disco splashes the dancefloors of the world. The Titi de Vitry moved to New York and became the darling of the mythical Studio 54.
In 1986, devastated by a divorce and drugs, Cerrone gets depressed in Los Angeles. Jack Lang, then Minister of Culture, suggested that he organize a rock opera on the Trocadero square. The composer accepts and invites the members of YES, Earth Wind & Fire for a show all in laser and pyrotechnics. At the same time, the Minister asked him to organize a show to celebrate the bicentenary of the Revolution at the Concorde.
The most sampled French artist, Cerrone has influenced and opened the way to the whole French Touch. Daft Punk and The Avalanches or the Beastie Boys have all at one time swiped a shot from the producer. The same goes for DJs like Dimitri From Paris or Bob Sinclar, who sold more than a million copies of his "Cerroneby Bob Sinclar".
Now himself converted to DJing, Cerrone has left his turntables to find the way to the studios. The musician worked for three years between Paris, London and Los Angeles to deliver this new album. Red Lips, is an unexpected record where young people such as Kiesza, Yasmin or Brendan Reilly (one of Disclosure's singers), rub shoulders with renowned musicians (Aloe Blacc, Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip...) and even some legends like Tony Allen and Nile Rodgers. All gathered to pierce the mystery of the "golden touch" of King Cerrone.

Co-founder of the Parisian label D.KO Records, Mézigue is a true technician behind the decks and a noticed producer. His two EPs (Mangez Moi, Kestuf Daronne?) released on D.KO Records in 2016, allowed him to be propelled to the forefront of the scene in a few months. He seduces thanks to a singular universe and tracks of a rare strength, like the track "Du Son Pour Les Gars Sûrs" viewed several hundred thousand times. Mézigue also seduces thanks to his character endowed with a crazy energy, capable of igniting all the dancefloors. He returns in 2017 with a first LP still on D.KO Records.

Kid Francescoli is a new UFO from Marseille between electro-folk and instrumental indie. With his folk guitar, a fabulous korg and a sampler, he stages a whole band, and bewitches his audience. No wonder he accompanies the amazing Oh Tiger Mountain on stage!" CQFD/Les Inrockuptibles.
Created in 2012 as a music blog, Newtrack adopts an associative structure to organize events.
Newtrack shares the love of electronic music, current arts and party.
In 5 years, the collective has established itself as one of the most stable actors of the Parisian electro-nique scene. Regular and family events with a sharp program.

Cradled by his father on funk and disco sounds, he rebels and forms a death metal/noise grunge band. Alias Zend Avesta, he released in 2000 "Organique", a very noticed album of experimental pop. A classical music buff, he also works for the GRM, an institution dedicated to contemporary music created by veteran innovators Pierre Henry and Pierre Schaeffer. Artists such as Oliver Huntemann, Zen Kei, The Rapture, Depeche Mode, Tiefschwarz... have asked him for remixes. He releases records on Kling Klong, Goodlife and Dimmer. Rebotini is also the producer and singer of Black Strobe and released with this group a first album resolutely electro rock in 2007. Today, he is back at the helm with his analog machines and completely disregards the computer, perceived as an obstacle to his freedom as a musician. The artist is one with his instrument: this is the image he has of the electronic composer today.

Collective of diggers, founders of the eponymous youtube / soundcloud channel that provides disco fans with their most beautiful records. Their edits 'Coco', 'jungle' or 'togosava' are already classics.


G'Boï and Jean Mi is a duo of DJs building an empire between their label and online record shop La Chinerie, which aims to federate record collectors in Europe. Their various sound exchange groups gather countless enthusiasts on a daily basis (Les Chineurs de House, Beau Mot Plage...).

Behind this amazing name hides one of the leading producers and turntablists of the current French scene. Label manager of the very good Moonrise Hill Material and FHUO Records, producer with various aliases and DJ having already played on the most beautiful scenes of the hexagon and beyond the borders, he announces a year full of releases for 2017 at Church and his second album to come on Moonrise Hill Material after a series of signatures on the quality labels Fauxpas Musik, All City Records and Sleazy Beats Recordings. He is definitely one to keep an eye on.




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