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Educational commitment

Prize-giving ceremony © Sandrine Boyer Engel

If it is a place of exchanges and debates for all lovers of the book and music, Books & Music is since its creation a place of teaching, initiation, learning and understanding for young audiences and school children. In a decade of intense changes in cultural practices, the festival is committed to inviting the book to schools and working all year with teachers to prepare a school day, in which 2500 pupils - from crèche at the terminal - are participating this year. They come from all over Normandy to share rare moments in Deauville with the authors invited to the festival. Meetings in the form of workshops, discussions or concerts that put music and literature at the heart of debates, but also social issues or the discovery of book professions.


Charlotte Bousquet, Where the angels fall, Gulf Stream Editions
Aurélie Gerlach, The legend of Lee-Roy Gordon, Gallimard Jeunesse
Tristan Koëgel, Bluebird, Didier Jeunesse
Sandrine Revel, Glenn Gould, a setback, Dargaud

The price of teens, the event

The Teenagers' Prize organized by the Books & Music Festival of Deauville and the Espaces Culturels Leclerc de Normandie has become, in eight years, an unmissable event for a growing and consequent number of college and high school students from Normandy. Each year, the attendance record in Deauville is broken. The large auditorium of the Deauville International Center is no longer enough! Key to success: a selection of books that tackle the favorite subject of the age group: music. Objective: to encourage this young audience to continue their exploration of the literary world beyond textbooks.

This literary prize created in 2009 is intended for pupils of 3rd and 2nd of Normandy. The Rectorate of the Academy of Caen has chosen to join the process from the second edition. At the start of the new school year, the Espaces Culturels E. Leclerc distribute no less than 2 books to middle and high schools. The selection of books - four in number - is established by teachers and booksellers, taking care of the diversity of genres and reading levels. The texts are read, worked on in class and each pupil can then vote for their favorite book, in April, in the Espaces Culturels E. Leclerc. The prize-giving to the authors takes place during the school day and brings together pupils and authors in the large auditorium of the Deauville International Center. Follow more intimate meetings between schoolchildren and writers all day long. The Prize is endowed with € 000. The winning book is highlighted in all Leclerc Cultural Spaces in France. In 1, the prize mobilized 000 voters, 2015 schools and 2600 classes.


2009: Reinhardt Kleist, Johnny Cash, a BD-Biography
2010: Paule du Bouchet, Sing Luna, a poignant novel set in the Warsaw ghetto
2011: Christian Binet, Top of the line, the adventures of a piano teacher
2012: Isabelle Duquesnoy, Constance, La fiancée de Mozart, the fictional diary of Constance Mozart
2013: Le Quellec and Ronzeau, Love is in the Air Guitar
2014: Nathalie Le Genre, Hear my heart beat
2015: Vincent Brunner, Platinum

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