Claude Lelouch

Carte blanche for Planches Contact 2019

The 10th edition of the Festival pays tribute to Claude Lelouch. He was entrusted with a carte blanche about Deauville, an essential city for his career. Claude Lelouch films and sublimates women, love gestures, music and the beach of Deauville as no one else does. His film titled A Man and a Woman marked generations and made Deauville winters popular all over the world. This carte blanche is an opportunity for him to share his impressions and unique vision, as if it was a notebook or a sort of making-of. The pictures he took are exhibited in an extraordinary place linked to the history of Deauville: the Strassburger Villa that hosts an exhibition for the first time.

Villa Strassburger Exhibition, Avenue Hockart de Turtot
Open every day from October 19th to November 3rd, and from December 21st to January 5th.
Open on Saturday and Sunday from November 4th to December 20th.
Opening hours: 10:30 am > 1 pm – 2:30 pm > 6:30 pm.