Film director

The most famous movie shot in Deauville is undeniably A man and a woman, which was shot in 1965. It is a romantic comedy shot during the winter, when the beach is deserted: the film was rewarded with the Palme d’Or, two Oscars and 47 international awards. This movie changed completely the image of Deauville and granted it a new status: the lovers’ beach. The musical theme of the film, composed by Francis Lai, became the hymn of the city.

A woman, her daughter and her memories; a rally pilot, his son, cars, trains, and a beach; a simple love story, with a soundtrack that travelled across the world...the movie "A man and a woman" (1966), directed by Claude Lelouch, marked Deauville forever. 40 years later, on September 5th 2006, the square situated in front of the beach, site of one of the film scenes, was baptized “Claude Lelouch square” in the presence of the film director, actress Anouk Aimée, Francis Lay and Pierre Barouh, authors of the film music.


The story of Claude Lelouch and Deauville started in 1965. He left Paris and reached the beach of Deauville. There, he saw a woman and her child walking on the beach, early in the morning. He was inspired from this simple scene to create his story, a love story between two young divorced parents, a bold story for the time. For the first time, a movie was conceived with a scenario written in parallel to the music.


At the beginning, the atmosphere was uncertain. I had no money and that created a feeling of uneasiness. But at the same time, it created an incredible solidarity on the set. We didn’t count the additional hours and shot the film like amateurs with a team of 10 completely dedicated people. Anouk was our only star. She was integral part of the team and the film went divinely. We had the proper light at the right time; we were blessed with the elements and with the couple.

Claude Lelouch