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Patrice Le Bris
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Local leisure park, heaven of games and sport

This 11-ha landscaped park, a perfect area to play team sports, is appreciated for its synthetic turf football pitches – about twenty associations train here, that is to say 600 players. It is a fishing, walking and leisure place, including playgrounds, walking paths, fitness trails and nature observation spots. It was designed in 1983 on the request of the “Communauté de communes Cœur Côte Fleurie” in an environmental strategy.

Patrice Le Bris
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- 2 F.F.F. certified synthetic football fields with a stitched carpet of 105 X 68 m
- 1 F.F.F. certified main grass football field of 105 X 68 m
- 2 training grass football fields of 105 X 68 m / 8 cloakrooms with showers
- 1 club house of 70 m²
- Lighting on the 2 synthetic fields and the main field: 250 lux

Patrice Le Bris
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But also...

- About fifty petanque grounds
- A fitness trail
- A game area for children from 3 to 7
- A 11-ha wooded park
- The riverbanks of the Touques circuit with two pontoons

Coeur Côte Feurie
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Training field for international teams

Situated two hours away from Paris, this green island is certified by the UEFA to host international teams during their training sessions.  
During the Euro 2016, the Croatian national team set up its headquarters at the Touques Leisure Park. During the Women's World Cup of football held in France in June 2019, the Park was used as a rear base to the teams of Spain, Southern Africa, the United States and England.
The players of the Malherbe Stadium of Caen regularly come to train on the grass fields of the Leisure Park.

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Practical information

Situated a bit far away from the city centre, close to a quiet district, the Park is 5 minutes away from all shops and services.