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A sport and leisure park

This 11-ha landscaped park, a perfect area to play group sports, is appreciated for its synthetic turf football pitches – about twenty associations train here, corresponding to 600 players. It a fishing, walking and leisure place, including playgrounds, walking paths, fitness trails and nature observation spots. It was designed in 1983 on the request of the “Communauté de communes Cœur Côte Fleurie” in an environmental strategy:
- preservation of the existing biotope (several amphibians and birds nest in the most humid areas of the park)
- landscaping activities including planting a high amount of plant species considered typical of the pool (various species of trees and reedbeds).

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Free-access facilities:

It includes:
- two enlighten and certified synthetic turf football fields made up of rubber aggregate
- a main football fields
- two grass football training fields
- fishing pontoons
- a basketball field
- a volleyball field
- a skating track
- a bocce ball court
- a fitness path
- a playing area for 3 to 7-year-old children.