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Based in the municipal port, the Deauville sailing school (French Sailing School label) is run by the Deauville Yacht Club with the support of the City of Deauville. It offers educational, sports and fun initiations for individuals, schools or companies.

sailing schoolSandrine Boyer-Engel
Sandrine Boyer-Engel
Sandrine Boyer-Engel

Different sailing learning formulas are offered by the sailing school on a fleet of easy-to-maneuver J80s, perfect for discovering sailing:

> leisure sailing packages (from 13 years old): 10 or 20 sessions of 3, 6 or 9 hours
> sport sailing formulas to improve regatta (from 14 years old): 3 or 6 hours
> formulas to improve on your own boat
> formulas for the provision of sailboats to navigate independently (level 3 FFV required)
> formulas for companies who want to take to the seas
> 4-hour courses during school holidays: over 3, 4 or 5 days

Each week the sailing school takes high school students from Maurois on board and more and more of them are discovering the values ​​of sailing, sporting and human, and taking part in challenges. The Deauville Yacht Club is also one of the only clubs in Calvados to practice sailing on habitable, aboard monohulls or multihulls, an offer open to individuals and businesses.

Deauville Yacht Club
Sandine Boyer-Engel
Sandrine Boyer-Engel


To learn the main maneuvers, setting the sails.

To master the different maneuvers, know the settings, drive the boat at different speeds, prepare for navigation, acquire the main concepts of safety

To know the racing rules, learn tactics and strategy, develop team spirit, know the fine tuning, deepen the racing rules, know how to inform and communicate with the crew.

Quai de la marine - 14800 Deauville - 02 31 88 38 19

COACH PLEASURE SAILING: the new training offer proposed by the Deauville Yacht and certified by the FFVoile.

Intended for boaters who are owners or renters wishing to improve their skills, this offer, provided by professionals, will provide advice and help to better master the handling of boats in order to navigate in complete safety and serenity!

Different themes can be addressed at the choice of the boater:
- Maneuvers: in a port, navigate in the breeze, use downwind sails, anchor and take a trunk, adjust on the way, choose its trajectories
- Steering: Navigate without electronics, use on-board computing, dare to navigate at night
- Safety: understanding the weather, adapting safety equipment, warning and managing the man overboard, reacting in case of unforeseen events
- Maintenance: monitor and maintain on-board equipment

Made to measure
Organized in sessions of 1 to 3 hours, or half-day or even the day, the different themes can be chosen independently of each other and approached according to the experience already acquired by the boater.

The Coach Plaisance is an accompaniment by an experienced sailor of teaching and with a strong experience of navigation at sea. It is above all a sharing of experiences.

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