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Antoine Lecharny


Guest of the 2021 Young Talent Springboard

Antoine Lecharny is a photographer and visual artist, born in 1995. At the age of twenty, he left for Transylvania to photograph and share the life of Roma families in the slums of Deva.
At their side, he seeks to understand the links that unite these families to each other and their relationship to an often hostile environment. This work, awarded at the Grand Prix Paris Match of the student Photostory, was presented at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris in 2019.
Then, little by little, Antoine Lecharny begins to photograph differently and then gets rid of a purely documentary intention without ever ceasing to pay attention to the uniqueness of the people and the places they inhabit. In parallel with his photographic work,
he has been practicing drawing and sculpture for years. Winner of the Audi Talents 2020 award with Henri Frachon, in 2021 he will exhibit his latest sculptural project “hole, triangle, rush, doucine and dissonance at the Palais de Tokyo.