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inDeauville we find among the most beautiful golf courses in France, with many styles of course, overlooking the sea or in the heart of the countryside, more or less hilly, with ponds or bunkers. Whether you are professional, amateur or novice, this is the ideal place to learn to swing or do a refresher course.

Golfer on the heights of Deauville

On the heights of Deauville or in the middle of the Augeronne countryside lhe Barrière golf school in Deauville, welcomes all levels from 7 to 17 years old for an initiation to golf in groups, then advanced courses or even preparation for competition for elite clubs. Training is both physical and mental with a team of professionals including Frédéric Bonhomme, coach for many years, Hendrik Noireaux, recently arrived and passionate, and Michel Hausseguy, professor from father to son.
It is possible to take private lessons for half an hour, by the hour as well as group lessons with teachers. During the school holidays, courses of several days are offered, choose your formula and your routes!
You will have the choice between two courses ("Le Vallon" (18 holes) and "Le Bocage" (9 holes)) in Saint-Julien, between ponds and gentle reliefs spanning no less than 90 hectares; and three nine-hole courses in Deauville on 70 hectares which dominate the valley with a clear view of the sea.

Golf Barrière Deauville

Mont Canisy
02 31 14 24 24

Swing in the heart of the forest

The Golf de Deauville Saint-Gatien is located in a 140 hectare domain in the heart of the forest with three nine-hole courses, an ideal place to learn golf. The school is open to young people aged 5 to 15 from September to June with classes twice a week including initiation, mental and physical preparation as well as technique through playful games. Each term is punctuated with activities such as Halloween, Easter ... A specific 5-hole course is designed for them.
Golf initiation is open to everyone, in private or in a group for one hour sessions or with 5, 10 or 15 week passes for group lessons.
David Piednoir, professional and passionate golfer as well as the two other instructors will be happy to teach you the tricks of this sport.

Deauville Saint Gatien Golf

Moulting path
02 31 65 19 99

Playing golf artist

The Admiralty golf school welcomes children from 6 years old from September to June for one hour of lessons per week to learn and discover golf. One and a half hour courses are also offered during the school holidays from Monday to Friday, by the week or by the day.
The older ones can learn in private lessons for half an hour or an hour, or during beginner courses with the objective of obtaining the famous "Green Card" license!
The Admiralty golf course is a real playground with two courses, one very natural with small ponds (18 holes), the second artistic with art sculptures (9 holes), the latter is lit up at night , enough to make the pleasure last!

Admiralty Golf

Route of Pont L'Evêque
278 RD
02 31 14 42 00

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