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Article Raphaëlle RIVIERE

posted on Tuesday April 12, 2016 12:48 PM

Adapted from Pascal Parisot's book-disc, illustrated by Charles Berberian and published by Didier Jeunesse, this show is entirely dedicated to Felis silvestris catus, more commonly called the cat! Pascal Parisot is a singer, songwriter, musician, arranger, director ... his multifaceted musical life is hyperactive. As for children's shows, he has more than one trick up his sleeve. Endowed with a fertile imagination and an original “paw”, he creates shows with great tone correctness, full of humor and great finesse, which hit home with a family audience.
A thousand questions arise for the author. You are a cat, you eat, you sleep, you drink… the life of a cat comes down to… cat. No. What does a cat dream of? ... Can he dance cha cha cha? ... does the cat do yoga? … The answer, in pop songs, crazy and cha… missed.

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