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Magnify the input function

Access to the Franciscans will be via a monumental portal which frames the front door of the current chapel and stages its high relief, its columns and its arches. A strong architectural gesture, symbol of a new urban reality. The square offers a green entrance and a mineral base for access to the high gate. It is also an outdoor exhibition space that participates in the urban space. The project supports the memory of the place by renovating the initial convent, the Saint Joseph building and the Biesta-Monrival building. The ensemble is completed by a volume which links the Biesta-Monrival building to the initial convent: a gallery, on two levels, with zenithal light which houses the exhibition rooms dedicated to the works of André Hamburg.

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Meeting and sharing, driving forces of the project

Two square courtyards of 400m2 each are at the center of the project: that of the cloister and that of the temporary exhibition hall. Both are covered by identical canopies with different undersides.
The first - above the cloister - installs filtered light. On the underside: an impression on microsorber, an acoustic absorber. The second - that of the temporary exhibition room - installs light filtered by white slats forming a sunshade. An ideal lighting for the contemplation of the works.
These courses are two places of the same function, in the heart of the Franciscans: meeting and sharing.

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The large gallery: a digital walk

After crossing the Haut-Portail, you enter the “Grande Galerie”, a monumental entrance. 10 meters high, a moving digital promenade on which the rooms of the thematic universes open. This unique walk leads the visitor, on the one hand towards the cloister - giving access to the shop, the reception, the cafeteria, the temporary exhibition hall and specific universes - and on the other hand to the vertical circulations which lead to thematic universes and exhibition galleries of works by André Hambourg.

This high perspective displays the digital ambition of the center and composes a multimedia landscape animated from each thematic universe, which is extended by gateways.

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When the visitor becomes an actor

Everything is done to ensure that the public has different experiences as they visit. A diversity supported by the modes of exhibition of the collections, by the enhancement of the place, by the place of the images, by the interactivity and by the experience of the Grande Galerie which becomes the obvious place for the pooling of digital resources of each thematic universe.

Architecture and scenography intertwine and offer a spatial experience, meeting images, sounds, objects and spaces, to choose freely.

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Franciscan universes

The Franciscans develop thematic universes installed in the initial convent in which the floors were demolished, thus entering into visual relation with each other by the vertical fault that composes the Grande Galerie.
- Level 1: "Memory of Deauville", "Explore the world", and "the Horse"
- Level 2: "Health and well-being" and "Music, cinema, show"

Each of the five sequences has its own color, tone and scenographic characteristics.


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