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During the Awards ceremony of the Deauville American Film Festival, an international jury made up of Anglo-Saxon journalists and chaired by Jean-Guillaume d'Ornano officially awards the Prix d'Ornano-Valenti to the winning film of the year. Created in 1991 by the member companies of the Motion Picture Association, an association of six American film production and distribution studios, this Award dedicated to the memory of the former minister, mayor of Deauville and co-founder of the American Film Festival, rewards a first French film, with the aim of helping its recognition, promotion and export. In 2015, it was renamed Prix d'Ornano-Valenti in joint homage to Jack Valenti, initiator of the Prize, and to the friendship which united the two men and their families, all very attached to the Deauville Festival of American Cinema .

The 2018 winner is the film THE CHATOUILLES realized by Andréa BESCOND & Éric METAYER

Odette is eight years old, she loves to dance and draw. Why would she be suspicious of a friend of her parents who offered to "play tickling"? Once an adult, Odette frees her words, and immerses herself body and soul in her career as a dancer, in the whirlwind of life ...