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800 meters of footpaths, one of which leads directly to the beach, a play area and a gazebo, opening up a very beautiful panorama of the coastline, allow you to take advantage of this space which descends from the top of the cliffs of Roches Noires to the sea.

City of Villerville
City of Villerville
City of Villerville

A sensitive natural space, the Villerville coast has long been marked by landslides from the cliffs that spread blocks of rock on the beach, thus forming the whole identity of this unique natural place. Its name comes from the Celtic name "grava" which means stone.

There is a remarkable flora: rare plant species (the maritime crambe, the Montpellier polypogon, the fetid hellebore) and wild, vestiges of the pleasure gardens of yesteryear, as well as recent plantations and ponds.

A wooded body of water is home to ducks and moorhens. Nearby, goats, known as ditch goats, nicknamed the "bramble-eaters" for their ability to swallow all kinds of plants, clear the entire surface and thus stop the proliferation of brambles and invasive plants on the site.

City of Villerville

The Cliffs of the Roches Noires

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A peaceful place to stroll, the Parc des Graves is also a place to rest and have fun: children's playground, picnic tables and pétanque fields are waiting for you.