Located on the heights of Deauville, in Bénerville-sur-mer, Mont-Canisy offers an exceptional panorama, dominating the Côte Fleurie at 110 meters in height. For centuries a stately domain, Mont-Canisy is today a natural site protected by the Coastal Conservatory and managed by the Departmental Council, which watches over its flora and fauna, but also a place steeped in history.

© Sandrine Boyer Angel
© Sandrine Boyer Angel
© Sandrine Boyer Angel

The site shelters more than 200 species of plants, of which a majority rather Mediterranean or of mountain (juniper, broom of dyers…), and several protected species at the regional level (gentian of Germany, tamed venom, delicate rapunzel). Kingdom of orchids, 13 species also flourish there from April to July. Among its fauna, reside three species of regionally protected birds (nightingale philomele, spotted locust, polyglot hypolais), several families of butterflies and a snake (smooth coronelle) protected nationally. With its military structures and natural caves, the site also favors the presence of bats.

Its strategic position, on a hill facing the bay of the Seine, earned it several times to be transformed into a coastal artillery position: alternately seigneurial fief fragmented in 1793, anti-submarine defense post in 1917- 1918, coastal battery from 1935 to 1940, then the most important artillery fulcrum of the "Atlantic Wall" between Cherbourg and Le Havre from 1941 to 1944. From this last period remain casemates and casings for guns of 155 mm, bunkers, tobrouks, fire management station ... and an underground structure at 15 m, unique on more than 150 km of coastline, including 250 m of tunnels, 25 quartering cells, 25 ammunition bunkers ...

© Sandrine Boyer Angel
© Sandrine Boyer Angel
© Sandrine Boyer Angel

The batteries of Mont-Canisy

The agenda of visits here

Some safety and "good conduct" rules to respect:

Access to Mont-Canisy is free. The public can walk around under their own responsibility.

- do not stray from existing footpaths: structures are half buried, buried under the vegetation, and their approach always presents some permanent risks.
- any work visit to which the access is not fitted out as a consequence is dangerous: you therefore carry out it knowingly and under your sole responsibility.
- as on any protected site, certain "practices" are prohibited (camping, fires, motocross, hunting, broken bottles, degradation of vegetation, ...) and are now liable to fines under the responsibility of the Conservatory Guard.
- avoid leaving this rubbish that uglies the places of walk: bottles, papers, ...
- if it is always tempting to pick flowers, to bring back flowering branches, know that, more often than not, they perish before finding a welcoming vase: do not kill them!


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