Jean-Pierre Le Goff

Guest of the 2018 Books & Music Festival

Jean-Pierre Le Goff was born in the suburbs of Cherbourg, from a sailor-fisherman father and a mother of small trader origin. He could have been working at a slaughterhouse or become a veterinary - he was a good student. But he became a sociologist, after some high school rebellions and restless studies at the University of Caen. But he was already a sociologist when he was a child. He had already learned a lot from family attitude, the dawn of mass consumption, a close and distant war, Tintin and the Livre de poche, cinema, catechism and burials, La Hague in the era of the atomic bomb, advertisement, the lights of the town, the newspaper of women, the yé-yé...all events and movements that were announcing May ‘68. Fifty years later, to avoid misinterpretations and distortions, nothing better than this story, published by Stock: La France d’hier, récit d’un monde adolescent, des années 1950 à mai 68.