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Embark aboard this sailboat, a sloop of the 1936 harbor of Brest!

Petit Foc Association
N. Plant
Petit Foc Association

Originally from the harbor of Brest, the François Monique was built at the Chantier du Fret by Auguste Tertu and was launched for the first time on September 16, 1935. It was commissioned by Hervé Salaün, Saint shell fisherman Jacques, who also harvested maërl (limestone sand) for soil improvement and red seaweed to fertilize the fields.

Sold and bought several times, it was finally acquired by Franck Brize in 2008. It was then renamed "François Monique" in tribute to François Kermarrec, first sailor on board the coquilier and Monique, Hervé Salün's niece. 
Franck Brize creates the Petit Foc association then begins the restoration of the boat with the help of volunteers and the help of public organizations and local partners. It will give it back its character as a shellfish in the harbor of Brest, with its colors and its rig of yesteryear.

Today, François Monique offers beautiful sea trips along the flowered coast between May and September.

Petit Foc Association

Sea trips aboard the François Monique

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