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Place of digital production, the Fablab des Franciscaines (contraction of "fabrication laboratory ", which means "manufacturing laboratory") brings together in a single space an arsenal of state-of-the-art machines and tools to carry out a project from A to Z, from the intention to the prototyping to its materialization. In short, a space where the imagination is freed and inspirations take shape.

© Naïade Plante
Many machines available© Naïade Plante
Workshops to learn how to use the tools© Naïade Plante

On the second floor of the Franciscans, an extension of the Youth Universe, is the gateway to the world of doing: the Fablab. Focused on the design and production of objects of all kinds, the Fablab aspires visitors of all ages to transform their ideas into new products by giving them access to manufacturing means historically reserved for industry. From the age of 8, mini-makers coming to learn about adults wishing to prototype their innovative ideas, everyone is welcome.

A great tool for learning to code, the Fablab has about twenty robots and a whole range of robotic tools. The laboratory is divided into two successive rooms: the first, dedicated to the workspace and part of the machines and the second, dedicated to the workbench and other machines that emit dust.

The Fabmanager ensures the permanence of the place. Trained in applied arts, design and digital, his role is to support users but also to animate the place, to build projects, to prototype solutions, to facilitate access to machines and finally to be there. privileged interface with the maker community.

The machines at your disposal at the Fablab


- printer 3D : printing by the technique of filament deposition of free-form plastic parts according to a 3D file

- Cutting plotter : cutting of fine materials such as paper or self-adhesive vinyl to make stickers or scrapbooking

- Milling machine : cutting of thick materials such as wood, plastic, aluminum, by milling process

- Mini-milling machine : unlike the milling machine, the mini-milling machine cuts fine materials

- Digital embroidery machine : allows you to embroider fabrics or directly on the desired piece, according to a file created beforehand on a computer

- Hot wire cutting machine : polystyrene cutting according to a two-dimensional cutting file

- Laser cutter : cutting and engraving of many materials using a laser

- Sublimation printer and heat presses : transfer of images to fabrics, mugs, mouse pads ...