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Boulevard de la mer 14800 Deauville
02 31 98 66 00

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Evening entertainment on the boards until 2am in the company of Angelina Wimes and François Morel on the piano. Reserved for adults.


- Dom Pérignon champagne glass *
- Foie gras opera, salmon heart, lime zest, brown crab meat and candied tomato
- Scallops in carpaccio, hazelnut oil and pumpkin chips
- Lobster garden, cauliflower cream and caviar pearls
- Saint-Pierre fillet in apple scales charlotte truffled, small celery stew and morels cooked in its juice, champagne sauce *
- The Norman hole * with green apple sorbet, Calvados Père Magloire 10 years of age *
- Fillet of roe deer in walnut crust, escalope of hot foie gras, porcini mushrooms and parsley cooked in parsley, pieces of chestnut
- Tangerine leaf, light cream with Madagascar vanilla
- Coffee and sweets

235 € / pers. (1/2 bottle of Champagne Veuve Clicquot Vintage 2008 * / pers included)


*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Consume in moderation.



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