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18th October

The Villers-sur-Mer casino plays proximity and joins inDeauville.

Everyone knows the place, ideally located opposite the long beach of Villers-sur-Mer. It is however the ninth place of the Villersois Casino since the creation of the seaside resort. It was in 1986 that the municipality chose to install it on the long boulevard that runs along the coast. Since then, it has been managed by the Tranchant group - a family group which manages sixteen French casinos - since 1994.

Closer to you, has become a real mantra for the Casino de Villers-sur-Mer team

At its head, David and Angélique. Angélique Tanner - pocket tourism study began in 1992 at the Luc-sur-Mer casino. In charge of marketing in Villers-sur-Mer for many years, she is also coordinator for the casinos of Groupe Tranchant. David Royer, manager of the casino, has an atypical background: literary baccalaureate, DEUG in English, he will be a radio host for fifteen years. After a professional break, he seeks to work in a new sector of activity. It will be in a casino in eastern France. He had no idea that he would never leave the slot machines again. He has been in Villers-sur-Mer since 2017. If the environment is restrictive due to regulations, it also opens up the possibility for his employees to explore multiple professions - games, catering, entertainment, management, marketing - and to evolve.

The game of imagination

Their activity is made up of 88 slot machines whose universes often change to capture the imagination. The variety of models invites you to try: roller machines, videos, video-poker, variety of bets. The casino is careful to renew its park and the attention of its visitors. Very popular in recent years, a fully automated electronic roulette allows you to play independently, without croupier. The neophytes appreciate to train there before testing the table games. In the evening, three game tables open with two games of black jacks and an English roulette wheel which attract a rather young clientele, especially in summer.

Upstairs a brasserie which displays the Normandy Quality tourism label. Local products are preferred. Its large arched bay windows open onto a large terrace.

Friendliness embodied

“Closer to you” has become a real mantra for the Casino de Villers-sur-Mer team. The formula is not intended to look pretty in casino advertisements, but to reflect the spirit that reigns within the team. The forty-five employees are close to their customers and like to display their conviviality, to claim it, to the point of making it the company's promise. In Villers-sur-Mer, the casino is above all a place where people are recognized and welcomed; where we discuss warmly. It is almost a "home". The employees push the promise to the end: they are the ones who advertise, they who make the microphone announcements or the radio spots, they who take care of the animations… They constantly put themselves on the scene and that suits them rather well .


With the game in common, collaboration with the Clairefontaine racetrack was almost natural.
David and Angélique are also very involved in local life. They support many associations. The Jet Ski Championship is one of the flagship events they support.
The In Deauville network is now added to the list of partners close to the casino.

Practical information