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Cécile Laguette's race book - 2nd stage

Follow Cécile in the heart of La Solitaire Bompard-Le Figaro, for this 2nd stage between Cowes and Paimpol.


Cécile Laguette's race book - 1st stage

Yesterday we received videos from Cécile Laguette on the Deauville boat. Small postcards made during the first stage that plunge into the world of racing and the daily life of the skippers. It was his longest solo sailing. Starting Sunday 19 at 13 p.m., she had a flawless run until Tuesday evening, even ranking 24th. It was at the Cap Lizard lighthouse that luck turned for her: no wind and a contrary current made her lose all her lead. It plays out in a few minutes and it will be impossible to put together. The experience is disappointing for the classification but intense. She is progressing, sailing better and better. Her sleep management allows her to stay focused on the goal: to cross the finish line. The rule is strict: we add to the time achieved by the winner 30% to define at what time it will close. Cécile will manage to spend two hours before and to be classified 37th.

She has just left for the second stage towards Paimpol. More news to follow ...


Arrival and race summary




Cap Lizard


2nd day of racing


8 hours after departure