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THE FRANCISCAINES July 3> September 25


All summer long, come and meet authors, painters, dancers and singers at the Franciscaines. 

By imagining a place of culture that brings together on a single site but above all around a common project, museum, media library and performance hall, the City of Deauville is creating with Les Franciscaines a new type of establishment to promote and develop culture. The cultural program is based on this triple vocation and brings together, during the day and in the evening, by associations and rebounds, shows, concerts, literary meetings, conferences and cultural meetings linked to artistic news, editorial also linked to the collections and exhibitions, On the paths of paradise, Masters of color in the twentieth century and the André Hamburg Museum.

At the Franciscans, the public is invited to sung or danced lectures, rethinking the themes of the universes that relate the rich cultural history of Deauville, its relationship to the horse, to the show, to the cinema ... in parallel to major interviews with academics and essayists who comment on the news every month. The imaginary at work, subtitle of the Francis-caines, is concretely illustrated. Before or after their shows, the directors, actors, singers, musicians, choreographers and dancers welcomed in the programming of the Chapel of the Franciscans are invited to comment on their relationship to books, painting or photography.