In France, just 4 out of 30,000 tennis courts are made of natural turf (in Paris, you can find one at the England Embassy and 3 at Lagardère Paris Racing). The Lawn Tennis Club of Deauville-Normandie, supported by the City of Deauville and the Fédération Française de Tennis, is the first and unique club in France and in Europe (the existing clubs are only accessible to their members) to open its doors to all tennis players, license holders and not, without requiring compulsory yearly membership.


The Lawn Tennis Club de Deauville spreads over 6 ha at the entrance of Deauville and is linked to the sea by a bike path, crossing a great environment devoted to sport and leisure (racecourse, International Equestrian Complex, synthetic football fields, leisure parks). It includes:
- 11 natural turf fields, 2 of which devoted to high-level sport and further events, built in compliance with Wimbledon technical specifications, in a green landscape.
- A central court for the organization of events with a capacity of 2,000 temporary galleries’ seats, which can be extended to 5,000 seats to host great events.
- A club-house of more than 1,000 m2, with facilities and high-quality services, suitable to everybody (locker rooms for professional and not professional players, offices, meeting rooms, relaxation area, restaurant, lounge area with TV screens, proshop boutique...).

The natural turf fields, and the club house with high quality facilities are open from April to November.



In addition to the members of the club and the tennis school, it welcomes:

- Professional players having been participating to the Roland Garros competition or training for Wimbledon.
- The best French and Norman young players in the framework of the partnership convention with the FFT and the “Ligue de Normandie”. High-level training will be organized to prepare the best French players to turf field competitions.
- Young licence holders of the “Ligue de Normandie” provided with access to the Club under preferential conditions.
- FFT and surrounding European countries’ licence holders that benefit from several adapted offers
- French and foreign tourists, occasional players. Short- or long-term formulas are proposed.


At the Lawn tennis, players may find two types of tennis courts:
- 2 clay courts: it’s THE traditional method used by the major English clubs and the European ATP tournaments. It offers the same playing feelings and conditions found in Wimbledon.
- 9 AirFibr fibre-substrate courts: this technique based on sand, cork and synthetic fibre is a real technological breakthrough and has the required qualities to be used more intensively. It has 10 times higher permeability, better resistance to turf damaging and much more rapid turf regeneration.

Turf: seeds belong to the best varieties suitable for tennis practice, especially based on English Ray-grass. It allows a very short cut (7 to 8 mm of height); it is stamping-resistant and suitable to the Norman climate.





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