Damien Laverdunt

Invited to the Books & Music Festival 2017

Damien Laverdunt was born in Paris in 1978. When he was a child, his dream was becoming professional footballer to be like his idols of the moment, Chris Waddle and Rudi Voller, admired both for their playing technique and their haircut.
In 2004, he met Hélène Rajcak at a Salon de l'automobile (Motor Show). On that evening, after a lively discussion about the role of left-handed people in high-level sport, they decided to start working together. They created the Tigres Gauchers (Left-handed tigers), an author-illustrator duo composed of author-illustrator by day and punk-rock group by night. Nowadays, Damien is graphic designer, permanent member of the Tigres Gauchers and teaches Esperanto in the Paris suburbs.