Autumn inDeauville:

the must-haves of the season

The green landscapes so typical of Normandy are now adorned with orange shades. The refreshed atmosphere is accompanied with pleasure by small warm dishes. No doubt, summer has given way to autumn. At this time of year, we can enjoy walks in the fresh air on a deserted beach or in the alleys of the Calouste Gulbenkian Park with its shimmering colors, the sweetness of a hot chocolate well deserved enjoyed by the fire after an invigorating session of longe-côte, the gastronomy of the season magnified by a scallop and a glass of Calvados... Autumn is here, let's welcome it as it should be!

Admire the flamboyant colors of nature

The colors of autumn are at their peak at the Calouste Gulbenkian Park The green of the Austrian black pines is gradually giving way to brown and orange tones; the trees in the vast gently sloping meadow are adorned with gold and vermilion; the purple foliage of the common beech trees fires up our retinas. And since autumn is also one of the best times of the year to admire sunsets, stand in the rose garden and enjoy the particularly soft light that gradually takes over the garden. Get your cameras ready; it's magical.


 Calouste Gulbenkian Park, an exceptional garden 

Autumn colors have invaded the Calouste Gulbenkian Park, for our great pleasure ©Léo Lemasson / Lucile Loisel / Sandrine Chardon
The colors of autumn have invaded the Calouste Gulbenkian Park, for our greatest pleasureLéo Lemasson / Lucile Loisel / Sandrine Chardon

Enjoy the beach in privacy

At mid-season, holidaymakers disperse, towels are collected and umbrellas are put away to make way for a clear view of the immensity of the beaches that follow one another continuously from Villers-sur-Mer to Villerville. Yes, autumn allows you to enjoy a relaxing walk on the sand, far from the crowds, with the ballet of the waves as the only sound in your ears. But in Deauville, autumn is meant to be vitaminized. Go fishing fishing on foot in Villerville, take the wind with your sand yacht, gallop on the wet sand... The iodized activities do not cease to surprise and continue to attract more and more followers of fresh breezes.


 All beaches in one click 

A trip to the beach to breathe in the fresh air, recharge your batteries and enjoy the last rays of the sun ©Naïade Plante / Lucile Loisel / OT Villers
An outing to the beach to breathe in the fresh air, recharge your batteries and enjoy the last rays of the sunNaïade Plante / Lucile Loisel / OT Villers

Taste the tasty scallop

Emblematic of the Normandy fishery, the first French region to harvest it from October to May, the scallop is the pride of the local fishermen. Unavoidable and tasty, this treasure of the local gastronomy is celebrated every year during two days in Villers-sur-Mer on the occasion of the Scallop and Gastronomy Festival. Culinary demonstrations, fish stalls as far as the eye can see, discovery of the sea trades, wine market, tastings... And of course, the restaurant owners are delighted to cook this delicious seasonal product in all its forms: on skewers or on a plate, whole or in walnuts, grilled with parsley or fried in hazelnut butter, on the spot or to take away... To be savored without moderation!


 The 26th Scallop and Gastronomy Festival 

The Scallop and Gastronomy Festival, a must in autumn! Naïade Plante
The Scallop and Gastronomy Festival, a must in autumn!Naïade Plante

Crisscrossing the Cider Route

Autumn is also the season of another product of Norman gastronomy... the apple ! It is between the end of July and October that it is picked, when it is both tasty, fragrant and juicy. Sweet, bitter or sour, high or low, it is the source of many savory recipes and good pastries that melt in the mouth, but also of several golden alcohols that the whole world envies us: Cider*, Calvados* and Pommeau*. Thanks to the richness of the region's agricultural land, many producers have been cultivating this unique know-how for generations. This is why a tourist route is entirely dedicated to them: the Cider Route. On 40 km, mixed with castles, manors and half-timbered houses typical of the Pays d'Auge, about twenty cider factories and distilleries open the doors of their cellars to gourmets to share their manufacturing secrets. From the orchards to the glass, from the harvest to the brewing, the visits end in joy and the tasting of these Norman nectars with their unique color. A treat for the eyes and for the taste buds!

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

 Discover the know-how of a distillery 

La Spiriterie française - Château du Breuil, a timeless estate ©La Spiriterie française
La Spiriterie française - Château du Breuil, a timeless estateThe French Spirits Factory
Boulard Calvados cellar ©David Morganti
Boulard Calvados cellarDavid Morganti

Try the longe-côte

There's nothing more invigorating than an ocean activity in the heart of fall, when the sun is still shining. With the arrival of the cold weather, the most intrepid of us jump into the water for a a session of coastal longevity ! This sport consists of walking in the sea with water up to your waist. For two hours, participants are equipped with a wetsuit and a paddle and perform various movements to tone the entire body. If the longe-côte is appreciated during the strong heat, the fresh water of the autumn allows a better energy and caloric expenditure. Let's hear it!


 All longe-cote courses 

Invigorating longshore session ©Naïade Plante
Invigorating longshore session ©Naïade Plante
Invigorating longshore sessionNaïade Plante

Curl up by a fire

Warming up and savoring sweets in a cocooning wooded environment is the not-so-guilty pleasure we like to indulge in during the cool fall days. We have found 3 places where you can read a book and enjoy a hot chocolate on a soft bench by the fire.

The Normandy Bar

Anglo-Norman cottage atmosphere at the Bar du NormandyWith its large velvet armchairs, its grand piano, the beautiful woodwork on the walls and the soft light, it is the perfect place to sit for hours. Near the fireplace, you can savor exceptional teas, from the white of Vietnam to the Sencha Yamato from Japan, a coffee from India that perfectly combines arabica and a touch of robusta with spicy notes.

 See you at the Normandy Bar 

Le Bar Lounge des Manoirs de Tourgéville****

A break is necessary in this lounge bar with an infinitely cosy soul, with its traditional wooden beams that take us back through the centuries, its Creully stone walls, its soft red and white armchairs and sofas warmed by the stone fireplace. If the desire to taste the hot chocolate of the Manors while reading is irresistible, it will not be long before the evening is extended with the boards to share.

 Rendezvous at the Manors of Tourgéville**** 

The Club-house of the Golf Barrière Deauville

Facing the large windows overlooking the immensity of the green, the club-house of L'Hôtel Barrière L'Hôtel du Golf**** is a welcoming place, chic and casual, steeped in history and discreet luxury since the creation of the golf course in 1929. To the gentle sound of the crackling fire, it has never been so pleasant to enjoy a cream coffee and a chocolate cake, all comfortably installed in leather seats.

 Meet at the Clubhouse 

The Normandy Bar - Deauville ©Fabrice Rambert
The Normandy Bar - DeauvilleFabrice Rambert
The Lounge Bar - Tourgéville ©Les Manoirs de Tourgéville****
The Lounge Bar - TourgévilleLes Manoirs de Tourgéville****
The Club-house of the Golf Barrière Deauville - Saint-Arnoult ©Fabrice Rambert
The Club-house of the Golf Barrière Deauville - Saint-ArnoultFabrice Rambert

Getting ready for winter time with the 25th hour contest

To celebrate the extra time offered each year by the change to winter time, the 25th Longines Hour competition - associated with the Festival of Photographic Creations Planches Contact -Festival of Photographic Creations, is open to all on Saturday, October 29, and invites you to capture this imaginary moment. The only common denominator: photograph Deauville, from any angle, with anyone, in any place, to immortalize this hour that is not an hour. So many photographs illustrating the delicate nuances of the night over Deauville, punctuated by the pearly glow of the moon, which must then be submitted to the Franciscans where they will be edited during the night and submitted to the jury the following morning. At noon, all the participants will meet again at the Franciscaines for the prize-giving ceremony and hope to hear their name announced as the winner.


 Register for the Longines 25th Hour Contest! 

The 25th Longines Hour, a Deauville captured and illustrated by its inhabitants ©Marc Chazelle / Naïade Plante / Claude-Michel Petit Boileau
The 25th Longines Hour, a Deauville captured and illustrated by its inhabitantsMarc Chazelle / Naïade Plante / Claude-Michel Petit Boileau

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