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Laura Serani has been artistic director of the Planches Contact festival since 2019. With a program built on several editions, the 2019 festival was the beginning of a new path.

The Villa Strassburger © Gwenaelle Huard-Marie
The future Franciscan temporary exhibition hall

Artistic director, exhibition curator and author of numerous works, Laura Serani regularly collaborates with major institutions and publishing houses in Europe and elsewhere.

"A laboratory for observing territories through images"
Planche (s) Contact has positioned itself as one of the rare creation festivals and a veritable laboratory for observing the territory through images. From the 2019 edition, the festival has opened up to the region, offering invited photographers to explore beyond the city, the coast, the countryside, other urban agglomerations. In parallel, the festival, for ten years a laboratory of creation and observatory of the evolutions of photographic languages, intends to deepen reflection and research on the way of presenting photography. With this objective - and pending the opening of the Franciscans, which will dedicate an important place to photography throughout the year - the city has been revisited in search of new places, such as the Villa Strassburger, the Hotel Barrière The Normandy, or outdoor spaces such as abandoned buildings, the diving board, the swimming pool ... paying particular attention to the dialogue between the projects and the spirit of the place.

The future Franciscan temporary exhibition hall

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