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At the end of the mythical Planches de Deauville, the walk continues to Tourgéville and Bénerville-sur-Mer along the promenade des Lais de Mer.

1,6 km long, the Lais de Mer walk can be done on foot, in a stroller or by bike. With the sea for their garden, children play, lovers take a stroll, vacationers strike a pose and sportsmen let off steam. Whether early in the morning under an overcast sky, in the afternoon under a blazing sun or in the evening for a majestic sunset over the English Channel, the seaside walk is photogenic in all weather!

The promenade runs along the Lais de Mer, the garden of hearts and the inflatable and colorful structures for your children. From Deauville to Bénerville-sur-Mer, via Tourgéville, all the beaches have a special atmosphere. We can see horses galloping morning and evening, multicolored kites dancing in the sky and on the beach of Ammonites the first aid station gives a little Californian air with its wooden structure on stilts.

Discover the six InDeauville beaches

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