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J. Jacquemot

At the water's edge

At Deauville beach

Two kilometers of beach, 450 parasols, 450 cabins, an Olympic-size seawater swimming pool, two ports, a tennis club, 22 shops, exhibitions; events; .. Deauville beach is a haven of happiness for all tastes. Immortalized by Claude Lelouch in the film “A man and a woman”, its romantic setting seduces lovers, vacationers, bathers, sportsmen, riders or jockeys all year round.
Until June 30, 2020, public access to Deauville beach is authorized in accordance with the physical distance measures defined at the national level, organized as follows:
- in front of the bathing area, according to the plan opposite, stakes positioned one from the other at a distance of 10 m delimit areas in which people from the same group or the same family, a number less than or equal to 10, must position themselves if they wish to adopt a static position; in this area of ​​stakes, pedestrian traffic is authorized in the corridors developed from Les Planches to the beach, as well as from east to west; users must keep occupied sites clean;
- outside picket areas, people accessing the beach must adopt a dynamic attitude and respect the ban on grouping more than ten people,
- the circulation of animals and in particular mounted or harnessed horses is possible before 10 a.m. and after 19 p.m. at low tide, in the conditions before the COVID 19 crisis but without grouping more than 10 riders, with a distance of 5 to 10 meters between horses, depending on the moderate or intense nature of this physical exercise.
Deauville Beach © Valentin
Deauville beach © S. Boyer-Engel
Deauville Beach © A. Halley
Horses on the beach
Deauville beach © D. Barré

Deauville Beach © Valentin

Deauville beach © S. Boyer-Engel

Deauville Beach © A. Halley

Horses on the beach

Deauville beach © D. Barré

The unavoidable

The Boards

It is one of the most mythical places in Deauville. Its boards, built in 1923, border the establishment of sea baths and its 450 Art Deco cabins. They extend over 643 meters and are made of azobé wood. The lists bordering the boards are marked with the names of the directors who each year receive a tribute during the American Festival. And it has been going on since 1975!

For the little story !
Les Planches have seen fashion shows! From the 20s, the young ladies paraded in front of the Bar de la Mer and in the Bains Pompéiens, besides in 1930 miss France Yvette Labrousse paraded there with European misses, it was effervescence!

The Boards

The point of view

Built in the 30s by the Deauville Yacht Club, Le Point de Vue is too far from the municipal port. After multiple occupations, it is today a place of reception for the public. currently occupied by Micro-Folie.

The point of view

7, boulevard de la mer -


A wide program to have fun all year round with a virtual reality space to project yourself, the Digital Museum bringing together more than 500 masterpieces from 12 French national institutions, the Mini Lab space to learn DIY and in three-dimensional manufacturing, the conviviality space with many activities accessible to children and families, the reading space, the toy library and creative workshop.
Le Point de Vue, corner of rue Tristan Bernard and boulevard de la mer near the Olympic swimming pool.
Days and times on

Near the beach at the end of the boards, a ride on a merry-go-round to catch the pompom. You can turn the carousel every day during school holidays or weekends outside of school holidays if the weather permits!

Beginning of the Ornano promenade -

The HQ of 11-17 year olds where we practice a host of activities: beach volleyball, sandball, ultimate, sea kayaking, orienteering, football, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, swimming, badminton , board games, tree climbing.

Registration for the day or for the week in one of the two groups: 11-13 years old or 14-17 years old.
From July 09 to August 31, 2018 - On the boards near Port Deauville.
Sea Front Service - place Claude Lelouch -

Inflatable games

Open during school holidays and weekends all year round from 9:30 a.m. to 18 p.m.
Boulevard de la Mer -


1er January : Bath on January 1st.
End of June : the Deauville International Triathlon goes by the beach
June> September : photo exhibition on the Port Deauville breakwater.
July> September : Exhibition "Les silhouettes de Deauville" sur les Planches
In summer, polo teams gather there regularly for Beach Polo matches
End of August : 24h Oceans, a day to raise awareness of marine pollution.
October> December : the beach hosts one of the exhibitions of the Contact (s) Contact photography festival.
Mid november : the first inDeauville marathon, over several distances.

With family or solo

Football, basketball, handball and skateboarding are practiced there all year round.
The skate park is brand new: in molded concrete, it consists of a "bowl" and a "street" on an area of ​​approximately 500m2.
Behind the Sea and Sport club. Free access.
At the western end of Les Planches, go behind the Promenade Michel d'Ornano and stroll along the sea lais, a vast seaside park where you can relax in the sun on a bench.
Try the sports course and its wooden stations. You will also like the play area for children with its flexible floors and the giant heart to hang a padlock by exchanging love oaths.

Each summer the Biblio'tech of Deauville places its shelves on the boards. You can borrow novels, magazines, comics and books for free.
In July and August from 12 p.m. to 19 p.m.
A stone's throw from the beach, take on the challenges of this 18-step course. You can also have lunch on the terrace facing the course.
Les Terrasses du mini-golf - Rue Reynaldo Hahn - Boulevard de la Mer - 02 31 98 40 56.

Naiad Plant
The Parc des Lais de Mer
Reading on the beach © SB Engel
Miniature Golf © C. David

Naiad Plant

The Parc des Lais de Mer

Reading on the beach © SB Engel

Miniature Golf © C. David

Deauville sportive

In Deauville, the joggers' routes often take the Planches then the walk which leads to the Bénerville-sur-mer rescue station (about 2,5 km from the dike at Port Deauville). Athletes will have many other choices: sports courses in the sea-lice park, swimming in sea water at the Olympic swimming pool.
and its 19 courts - 10 of which are clay courts - await your discussions and your smaches just behind the boards. Besides the rental of courts, courses and lessons are provided by a pool of teachers. Tournaments are scheduled by the Sporting club association.

Municipal tennis courts - Boulevard de la mer - 02 31 98 62 85

The municipal tennis club

3, boulevard de la Mer - 14800 Deauville -

The sailing school of the Deauville Yacht Club

At Deauville Yacht Club, sailing is best learned on the habitable (D80) and is aimed at all levels: fun sailing, sport sailing, for individuals or for school groups. The school also offers two-hour sea trips and day boat rentals for people who have acquired level 3 from the French Sailing Federation.

If you have a boat and want to improve your skills, the Deauville Yacht Club offers "coaching pleasure" formulas to get you back up to speed, go out with sea accompanied, progress in handling or preparing the boat.

The sailing school of the Deauville Yacht Club

Quai de la Marine - 14800 Deauville -

Settle under an umbrella

They settled in Deauville beach in 1875. In the 30s, they abandoned their stripes to establish themselves in five colors with their skirts tied around the peak. Probably one of the most photographed in the world, the Deauville parasol is not for sale anywhere. He leaves the city workshops every year, which manufactures them, repairs them and pampers them for hire. A municipal service at a low price.
Indicative price: from € 14 (the day?), A parasol (there are 14 in summer) will accompany you to untie the parasol and settle in.

Reservation: Waterfront service - Place Claude Lelouch - 02 31 14 02 16

The famous parasols

Rent an Art Deco cabin

The 450 cabins of Deauville, distributed in 9 courtyards with Art Deco architecture, can be rented by the day, by the week by the month or by season. Three options: on the beach side on the famous Planches, on the boulevard side and small pools - ideal for children who like to splash around there - and finally on the courtyard side of the baths for the “Roaring Twenties” atmosphere. You will appreciate the modern architecture of the establishment, the purity of its lines and the mosaic decorations. A delicate universe populated by atria, galleries, a fountain ...
Indicative price: from 12 € per day, 77 € per week in July and August for a cabin with shower.
Reservation: Waterfront service - Place Claude Lelouch - 02 31 14 02 16

Eat and sleep with sea view


Take the Cornuché boulevard then the sea lice car park (several entries possible). Access to horses is prohibited from March 20 to September 30 from 10 a.m. to 19 p.m., then from 10 a.m. to 15 p.m. from October 30.
The presence of dogs is prohibited from 10 a.m. to 19 p.m. from March 15 to November 15, outside this period it is tolerated at low tide at a distance of 100 meters from the dike and the boards.
Embark on the little tourist train from Deauville to reach the seafront, at the level of Les Planches, while visiting the essentials of the city during a 40-minute walk.
The tourist train takes you from mid-April to September and during all the school holidays in zone C.

Departures from City Hall or the Deauville International Center.
Round trip: € 7 (adults) and € 4,50 (-12 years old)
The swimming area is 550m long and 300m wide. In July and August, eight lifeguard swimmers holding the BNSSA (National Safety and Aquatic Rescue Certificate) and three CRS supervise the bathing area and the beach.
Monitoring is ensured:

  • from 11/04 to 2/07 on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and bridge days from 11 a.m. to 18 p.m. (flame not lifted)
  • continuously from 3/07 to 31/08 from 11h to 19h;
  • from 1st to 13/09 on Saturdays and Sundays from 11h to 18h during a permanence (flame not raised).

In case of problems call:
To know : large masts overhung by a boat, a house, a train or a balloon are planted on the beach in season to help children find their way.

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