The beach of Bénerville-sur-Mer ©Delphine Barré-Lerouxel
Delphine Barré-Lerouxel


the Californian

Here, there are no less than three beaches to explore: the beach of Lais de Mer, on the border with Tourgéville, the beach of La Garenne and the beach of Ammonites. The beach of La Garenne is the most lively in season, with its pedestrian promenade and the children's club. The beach of Ammonites, larger and wilder, runs along the Yves Saint-Laurent promenade which allows to reach Blonville-sur-Mer at low tide. It bears the name of the fashion designer who, in 1983, bought the Château Gabriel where the great publisher Gallimard lived.

The must-haves

Immortalize the rescue station

With its little Californian look all made of wood on stilts, it attracts the curious and photo amateurs on the beach of Lais de Mer. It is even more beautiful at sunset!
Amélie Lefebvre
The first-aid post on the beach at Bénerville-sur-Mer ©Amélie Lefebvre

Walking between sea and villas

At the end of Les Planches de Deauville, the stroll continues to Bénerville-sur-Mer on the promenade des Lais de Mer. With the sea as a backyard, children play, lovers stroll, vacationers pose and sports enthusiasts let off steam.
Amélie Lefebvre
The promenade along the beach at Bénerville-sur-Mer ©Amélie Lefebvre

The Lais de Mer promenade

Rent a cabin

The beach cabins at Bénerville-sur-Mer © Paloma Gabet
Paloma Gabet

Each summer, 33 beach cabins are available for rent by the month (July or August) or by the season (from June 15 or September 15).
Rates: the month - 245€ / the season - 450€.
Reservation at the Town Hall of Bénerville-sur-Mer : 02 31 87 92 64

Practical side

Access to the beach is via rue des Lais de Mer and its perpendicular streets (avenue Saint-Michel prolongée, avenue Maréchal Foch, avenue Victor Caillau). Free parking is available on rue des Lais de Mer, boulevard de Bénerville and rue Pierre Roucher. From April to November, parking becomes chargeable: rue Victor Caillau, Avenue du Maréchal Foch, Parking des Ammonites, Parking de la Garenne (next to the bakery) and Parking Avenue du Littoral. Rue Gaston Gallimard is a blue zone all year round.

The circulation of saddle, pack and domestic animals is authorized:

  • May 1 to September 30 before 10 a.m. and after 7 p.m.
  • all other days of the year, with no time restrictions
  • dogs must be kept on a leash

The beach is supervised in July and August 31 from 11:30 am to 6:30 pm at two locations: the Tourgéville lifeguard station and the Ammonites beach lookout.
In case of problems: 02 31 87 33 08

Eating with your feet in the water

Sleeping with the sea as a horizon

The 6 beaches inDeauville

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