Place Morny


Historic centre of the city centre, the Morny Square is situated at the crossroads between the 8 axes characterizing the urban plan of Deauville, designed by the Parisian architect Desle-François Breney. The Désiré le Hoc road links the railway station to the casino, the Gambetta road leads to the racecourse to one side and to the quay to the other. The Oliffe road, leading to the sea, is situated at the heart of Deauville, with high concentration of shops and cafes, and is particularly crowded in the market’s days. This market is a tradition since 1881.

The fountain, placed there in 1896, was later replaced by a more modern version after the World War 2.
The monumental bronze statue of the founder of the city, the Morny Duke, remained in place for five years only (1865>1870) as it was a symbol of the old regime. In 1955, it was melted by the Germans during the World War 2 and replaced by the statue which is currently in place.