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Place Morny

The historic heart of the city center, La Place Morny is at the crossroads of the 8 axes that structure the urban plan of Deauville drawn by the Parisian architect Desle-François Breney when it was created. Rue Désiré le Hoc leads from the station to the casino, rue Gambetta goes towards the racetrack and on the opposite side towards the quays. Rue Oliffe is oriented towards the seafront. It is also the heart of Deauville with a large concentration of shops and cafes, particularly lively on market days. A tradition since 1881.

The fountain has existed in this location since 1896, although it was replaced after the Second World War by a more modern version.
The statue of the city's founder, the Duke of Morny. Initially in bronze and monumental, it only remained in place for five years (1865> 1870) as symbolic of the old regime. Melted by the Germans during the Second World War, it replaces the new version currently in place in 1955.

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