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Boulevard de la mer 14800 Deauville
+02 31 98 52 75 XNUMX

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- Appetizers
- 9 oysters n ° 3 from Asnelles or Carpaccio Saint-Jacques and pineapple with exotic vinaigrette or Foie gras ravioli with white truffle cream or Pan-fried foie gras casserole with veal juice
- Rossini beef tournedos, polenta fries or - Roasted lobster tail and its creamy risotto with giroles (extra + € 10) or Saint Pierre fillet with pumpkin cream, vegetables from the garden
- Norman cheese breaded with spices on a salad
- Farandole of desserts or Sabayon of fresh fruit flavored with orange
- Coffee and its mini financier

€ 79 / pers. - 20:30 p.m.