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Paleontology for children

There is no age to discover a passion for paleontology and give birth to vocations! 

Paléospace children's workshops

Paléospace children's workshops Paleospace

For children from 5 to 10 years old, there are also access workshops on paleontology, during all school holidays (zones B and C). These activities are the occasion for experiences, observations, educational games and manual activities. The opportunity for children to discover or deepen their knowledge. 

Who wants to play dino? where children discover fossils by creating games (memorial-fossil, game of 7 families on dinosaurs ...) which they can then take home. 

Fossils of all sizes to get to know fossils of all sizes: microfossils that can be observed with binoculars, Jurassic fish, fossil plants, birds, descendants of dinosaurs ...


Ask the Paleospace to register for courses: 02 31 81 77 60 /