20 rue Robert Fossorier


It is thought to be the most photographed building of Deauville after the “Boardwalk” promenade.

In 1861 – one year after the Deauville foundation – the municipal administrative services were relocated from the historic town of Dosville, situated on the Coteay – to the new town, Deauville, where they occupied later several rented premises. The Town Hall was built in 1880 according to the design of the Versailles architect Saintin, proposing a Beaux-Arts style building. This rectangular structure was situated in the middle of a garden, which was enclosed at the time.
At the beginning of the XX century, a first section was added to host the Posts and Telegraph office and then another to host the police station.

After the World War 2, the Municipality, wanting to adapt the red-brick building to the regional identity of the city, entrusted its “normandisation” to the architect Albert Guy. In 1950, the central section was covered with bricks and stones in the lower level and with painted vertical half-timbering in the upper level.

At the same time, the enclosed area was turned into a square. The west section, built in 1961, preserved the hinterland mansions’ architectural spirit.

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