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The town hall

20 rue Robert Fossorier


It is probably the most photographed building in Deauville after the Promenade des Planches.

In 1861 - a year after the birth of Deauville - municipal administrative services were transferred from the historic town - Dosville, located on the Coteau - to the new town, Deauville, where they successively occupied several rented premises. The Town Hall will be finally built in 1880 on the plans of the Versailles architect Saintin, proposing a Beaux-Arts style building. The building, rectangular in plan, is located in the center of a garden at the time, an enclosure.
A first wing was added around 1900, intended to accommodate the Post and Telegraph administration, then a second in 1910 to receive the police station.

After the Second World War, the municipality, wishing to adapt the building - then in red brick - to the regional identity of the station, entrusted its "Normanization" to the architect Albert Guy. In 1950, the central body was clad with bricks and stones on the ground floor and a false vertical wooden panel in the upper parts.

At the same time, the enclosure turns into a square. The west wing was built in 1961 in the architectural spirit of the manors of the hinterland.

town hall © dbl City of Deauville