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81, rue Général Leclerc 14800 Deauville
+02 31 88 28 46 XNUMX

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- Laurent Perrier ultra brut * champagne and its appetizer, sweetbread crisp, truffle snail cream
- Duo of foie gras, one marbled with gingerbread, the other pan-fried, fig marmalade and balsamic reduction with four spices
- Iced lobster with caviar pieces, roasted scallops, vanilla parsnip cream and porcini mushrooms
- New Year's Eve sorbet
- Saint-Pierre fillet stuffed with morels and langoustines, full-bodied juice and mini vegetables
- Marbled Neufchâtel candy with sesame seeds, apple pulp vinaigrette
- Red fruit mousse and raspberry heart, pistachio sponge cake
- Crunchy caramel-mangaro

160 € / pers. (excluding drinks)

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Consume in moderation.

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