June 15, 2022

The decade of the Deauville Normandy Triathlon

Everything you need to know about the new edition

As the 10th edition could not be celebrated in 2021, the Triathlon Deauville Normandie is working hard to celebrate its 10th year.
For this occasion, the small dishes were put in the big ones, and the event is full of animations, meetings, sports and photos. 
A real triathlon festival for four days, the city of Deauville and the whole Pays d'Auge will be sporty ! Animations around the village will be reinforced; the school triathlon takes on a new dimension on Thursday June 16, with 1000 mini-athletes expected; ecological actions will be more demanding with new objectives; an exhibition at the Point de Vue will retrace the last 10 years of the Deauville Normandy Triathlon. 
Discover the highlights to spend a sporty and lively weekend! 

Encourage the triathletes!

There are many meeting points to cheer on the athletes as they pass through the territory.
Prioritize these key locations: 
- The beach where we give the start of the swim and the Australian outings (only on the Long Distance, Saturday 18 at 14:30 p.m. and the Olympic Distance, Sunday 19 at 15 p.m.).
- The exit of the bike park, boulevard Cornuché. 
- The Saint-Laurent coast to encourage cyclists in the effort (only on the Long Distance Saturday 18 and the Olympic Distance Sunday 19).
- The lively and musical Côte de Reux (only during the Long Distance on Saturday 18, The Olympic Distance and the DO 750 on Sunday 19).
- The descent from Benerville-sur-Mer.
- The Boards of Deauville.
- The finish on Avenue Lucien Barrière with its 400-seat grandstand.

Swimming start - Deauville beach

Exit to the park by bike - Boulevard Eugène Cornuché

Climbing the Saint-Laurent coast by bike

Climbing the Côte de Reux by bike

Downhill from Benerville by bike

The Planks in running

The arrival of the triathletes - Avenue Lucien Barrière


Seven exciting conferences!

The exhibitors' village, located at the Point de Vue and across the Lais de Mer car park, hosts the biggest brands in running, swimming and cycling, but also concerts throughout the weekend, a photo exhibition on the 10 years triathlon and a cycle of seven conferences on sport & well-being. This place wants to be a place of gathering and exchange between athletes, visitors, exhibitors.
17 h : "How to best understand swimming at sea?"
18 h : "All bigorexics" When sport becomes a devouring obsession.
Interview with Amandine Langevin (sports psychologist), Patrick Malandain (extreme runner) and a participant in the Deauville Normandy Triathlon.
10 h : "Marginal gains, advice for turning a corner".
Micronutrition, state-of-the-art equipment, technological advances: the details that make the difference between first and second place. With Quentin Kurc Boucau (French amateur triathlete of the year 2018 and Pro finisher of several Ironman), Anaël Aubry (LEPAPE expert and scientific advisor to the B&B HOTELS – KTM cycling team) and Maëva Danois (Podologist and high-level athlete ASICS)
14 hours : "Resilience, from my hospital room to the world championship".
After a serious cycling accident during training, Anne-Sophie Pierre sees her future as a high-level sportswoman compromised. A look back at the resurrection of the triathlete supported by LOUBSOL, with her coach Solly Camard.
17 h : "What if I did 3,9km of swimming, 180km of cycling and a marathon?" / Screening of the documentary "Dur comme fer". Discover the epic of Gaël Bizien, an ordinary man who will succeed in the challenge of his life: to be a finisher of the Iron man of Nice
Meeting with the athlete / director and screening of his film.
10 h : "Play it like a pro".
Quentin Kurc Boucau and Sonaly Lescure (ASICS product expert) will provide their tips and tricks to improve your triathlon. A conference aimed at triathletes of all levels.
11 hours : "At the end of my tether, discover the story of Jordan and his father".
When a father and his son with Down syndrome share a passion for Triathlon, a marvelous epic unfolds to reach the finish line as a duo.
Exchange with Jordan, his parents and his coach. A conference supported by Special Olympics.

10 years of Triathlon in photos: an exhibition to see at the Point de Vue

The images are sometimes surprising. The whole range of emotions pass through the eye of the photographers who follow the event each year. For ten years, the triathlon has gone for the best shots. To see at the Viewpoint.
16 photographers, 65 photos signed by Béatrice Augier, Anthony Brebant, Audrey Dochler, Christophe Guiard, Christophe Hersin, Fabien Boukla, Fabien Debard, Franck Castel Jacky Everaerdt, Laurent Lachevre, Maxime Delobel, Michael Clémenceau, Pierre Charlier, Sandrine Boyer Engel, Thierry Gromik, Vincent Rannou.

Triathlon 2016 ©Audrey Dochler
Triathlon 2018 ©Pierre Charlier
Triathlon 2017 ©Fabien Boukla

A zero waste Triathlon

Le Deauville Normandy Triathlon is the first Triathlon in France with more than 8000 participants, not counting the thousands of visitors and spectators expected. Organizers and host territories make every effort to limit the environmental impact and preserve the natural setting of the city of Deauville and the entire territory of the Pays d'Auge.
There have been many actions for several years: distribution of water bottles and eco-cups, digital communication, sorting team, sustainable development charter, advice for soft travel, empowerment of everyone in the village.
In 2021, waste management on the Triathlon Deauville Normandie made it possible to sort and recycle 100% plastic used. This represents more than 200kg of plastic material, i.e. 2034 bottles (i.e. 157kg) and 2093 gourds (i.e. 59kg).
In 2022, triathlon continues its commitment to 
- reduce plastic waste.
- It tackles waste from catering outlets to transform it into compost and biogas. 
- And uses used boards for trophies. 

Attention, traffic changes: download the map!

Throughout the Deauville Normandy Triathlon period, avoid the seafront by car and prefer to access the beach on foot. 

To allow the smooth running of the event, traffic and parking will be modified according to this plan. 

Legislative elections: access to polling stations in the city center is preserved but disrupted by traffic restrictions, in particular on rue Pasteur, rue Deliencourt and rue Alfred Rousseau. 
Cars will be permitted to pass between events.
For voters residing on avenue Strassburger, it is advisable to favor Sunday morning to access office no. 3 by car via rue du Moulin Saint-Laurent.
Access will be possible in the afternoon only by the Chemin de Rate then the Chemin de l'Aumône.
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The Deauville Normandy Triathlon in detail

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