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The garden city

The popular neighborhood Pavillons - Avenir


The working-class neighborhood Pavillons - Avenir - Verdun

Inspired by the concept of the garden city developed by the Englishman Ebenezer Howard, the district of the future is made up of small workers' houses, today listed as part of the Area of ​​Valuation of Architecture and Heritage of Deauville.

Forty of them, built in the 20s and intended for a rental program at moderate rents - are identical. Surrounded by a small garden, they house two apartments. Their symmetrical facades are adorned with false sections of wooden cement painted on the upper parts.

The exterior treatment reinterprets the Norman style by playing on the geometric aspect of the volumes as well as on the color and texture of the materials. Since 2004, these houses have been the subject of numerous upgrades. They are part of the stock of 520 social housing units in the City of Deauville (32% of the permanent housing stock).

garden city © SBE Sandrine Boyer Engel