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Young talent photographer of the 2015 Planche (s) Contact festival

© KOS for Contact Board (s) 2015

Scratching the Surface

"This work offers an abstract point of view on Deauville, mixing false landscapes with poetic moments and a mysterious light. I called upon forgotten memories, feelings of aspiration, lost potentials and melancholy from a romantic visit to Deauville several years ago as well as to this recent experience. The "landscapes" seem immediately identifiable as part of the identity of Deauville, reinforced on both sides, from the Impressionist paintings to "on postcards. However, these are small details captured in familiar spaces such as the painted doors of public baths, the velvet furniture of the Norman hotel * and a window of the Olympic swimming pool. Here, the notions of what is (or may have been) real, and what is not, visually intertwine as one memory experience. "