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Jean-Pierre Kerloch

Guest at the 2017 Books & Music Festival

Of Breton origin and remaining attached to his roots, Jean-Pierre Kerloc'h chose to stay in Aude. Sometimes in Carcassonne, not far from the famous medieval city, sometimes in his house in Corbières, his haven of silence, in the middle of pines and vines. Associate of Modern Letters, he was a professor at the École Normale de Carcassonne, then at the IUFM in Montpellier.
He led numerous writing workshops, meetings, conferences, summer universities, intended for children as well as the general public, librarians, French teachers (notably in Reunion, Germany, Morocco, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ivory Coast, Peru…).
He has published some seventy books. Writing it remains for him, above all, a fun and a challenge. Each project becomes an exercise in style. So it should come as no surprise to have seen it go from poetic writing to a humorous album, from short story to novel, from school textbook to educational essay or cookbook. But his great pleasure remains writing, rewriting or diverting stories.
It has been translated into languages ​​as diverse as Japanese, English, Dutch, Greek, German, Indonesian, Korean, Italian, Chinese ...