Jean-Pierre Kerloch

Invited to the Books & Music Festival 2017

Jean-Pierre Kerloc'h, of Breton origin and still attached to his roots, has chosen to live in the Aude, both in Carcassonne, not far away from the famous Middle-Age City and in his Maison des Corbières, his heaven of peace, surrounded by pines and vineyards. Qualified teacher of Modern Letters, he has been professor at the École Normale de Carcassonne, then at the IUFM of Montpellier.
He has organized several writing workshops, meetings, lectures, summer schools, both for children and adults, librarians, French teachers (especially in Réunion, Germany, Morocco, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ivory Coast, Peru…).
He has published about sixty works. Writing remains for him, first of all, an entertainment and a challenge. Each project becomes an exercise in style. So it is not surprising that he passed from poetical writing to humoristic album, from tales to novels, from school manuals to pedagogic essays or cooking books. But his great love remains writing, rewriting or creating tale variations.
His works have been translated into different languages such as Japanese, English, Dutch, Greek, German, Indonesian, Italian, Chinese, etc.