© Rinko Kawauchi

Guest of the Planche(s) Contact Festival in 2014

"I like details, and the small things that surround us. Daily life fascinates me. Through my work, I seek to discover the richness of the world", declared Rinko Kawauchi when asked to define her work. She finds this richness in daily moments and objects. In a piece of half-chewed watermelon, a coffee spoon, or a drop of water on a leaf: the photographer reveals the beauty of small things with serenity and poetry.

Rinko Kawauchi was born in Japan in 1972 and graduated from the Arts and Design University of Seian. After a short career in advertising, she made a grand entrance in the world of photography in 2002 by publishing three simultaneous works which introduced her to the public. Other books followed and encountered great success such as Aila (2004), Cui Cui (2005) and Illuminance (2011). Exhibiting in France at the Arles Meetings in 2004, she was presented at the Cartier Foundation for contemporary art in Paris, the following year.

In Deauville, she shared the beauty of small details of the existence that surround us yet and that we don’t take the time to look.