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Photographer invited to the Planche (s) Contact festival in 2014

© Rinko Kawauchi

« I love the details, the little things around us. In fact, everyday life fascinates me. Through my work, I seek to discover the wealth of the world "Answers Rinko Kawauchi, when asked to define his work. This wealth is found in the moments and objects of ordinary life. A piece of gnawed watermelon, a teaspoon or a drop of water in the palm of a leaf: the photographer reveals the beauty of insignificant things with serenity and poetry.

Born in Japan in 1972, Rinko Kawauchi is a graduate of the Seian University of Art and Design. After a short career in advertising, she made a masterful entry into the world of photography in 2002, simultaneously publishing three works which revealed it to the general public. Other books that create the event will follow, such as Aila (2004) Cui Cui (2005) or Illuminance (2011). Exhibited in France at the Rencontres d'Arles in 2004, it was hosted the following year at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art (Paris).

In Deauville, she took the same look at the beauty of the details of existence, all these little things that surround us and that we do not have time to see. Come to take her photos in July 2014, she strolled in the city, impressed by all the horses, fascinated by the and the sea competing in color variations.