Thalasso and Spa Day with the family

Wellness isn't just for adults in Deauville. The region's thalassos and spas offer tailor-made treatments that respect children's fragile skin and morphology. From a massage in total complicity with your baby to a facial treatment for teenagers, the whole family can enjoy a real wellness experience for a day or a stay.

Tandem massage at Thalasso Deauville by Algotherm
Tandem massage at Thalasso Deauville by AlgothermLudovic di Orio

Sharing a moment of well-being with baby (0 to 12 months)


To the Thalasso Deauville by Algotherminfants are pampered with the "Massage Eveil Bébé", based on a traditional Indian art practiced by mothers. It's a gentle massage performed by the parents under the supervision of the practitioner, providing relaxation for the baby. A unique moment to share at the Thalazur Cabourg with a "Baby Massage Workshop", where touch and words are the key to communication.

Rates: Massage Eveil Bébé at Thalasso Deauville by Algotherm (0 to 12 months) - 45 min: 77€ / Baby massage workshop at Thalazur Cabourg (3 to 9 months) - 25 min: from 79€.

Enjoy a playful well-being experience with your child (from age 6)

Still too little known, the Children's Spa invites youngsters to take care of themselves and become more aware of their bodies. That's why Thalasso Deauville by Algotherm and the Spa Algotherm La Touques Deauville dedicate three treatments to children. They enjoy the benefits of a "Mon Premier Massage" massage. Focusing solely on the back of the body, the gentle, enveloping movements and light pressure will enable children to experience the many virtues of massage. And for the ultimate family experience, the "Tandem Child & Parent" treatment offers a duo cabin where you can enjoy a tailor-made treatment in perfect harmony. In addition to a massage, children also enjoy a facial treatment. "Jolie Frimousse" is a treatment using AlgoSensi products from Algotherm, formulated for even the most sensitive skin. Both educational and fun, this treatment is an opportunity to give children a few tips on how to look after their face.

Thalasso Deauville by Algotherm rates: Mon Premier Massage (6 to 15 years) - 25 min: €55 / Tandem Child & Parent with access to the Thalasso (6 to 16 years) - 25 min: €119 / Jolie Frimousse (6 to 12 years) - 40 min: €69

Spa Algotherm La Touques Deauville rates: Mon Premier Massage (6 to 14 years) - 25 min: 45€ / Tandem Child & Parent (6 to 14 years) - 25 min: 85€ / Jolie Frimousse (6 to 12 years) - 25 min: 45€.

Jolie Frimousse skin care - Lac d'AiletteLudovic di Orio
Mon Premier Spa - Lac d'AiletteLudovic di Orio
Parent/Child Tandem - Lac d'AiletteLudovic di Orio

Offering appropriate care to teenagers (aged 15 and over)

Aware of the problems that teenagers often encounter with the skin on their faces and even their backs, the Manoirs de Tourgéville**** offers "Soins Ado" (Teenage Treatments) with sculpting (back or face) and a facial treatment to lift, drain, energize and rebalance sensitive areas. A practitioner uses this professional know-how based on exclusive maneuvers to stimulate skin tissue and rebalance the skin's natural moisture.

Rates: Back or face massage - 30 min: 55€ / Rebalancing facial - 1h: 90€. These treatments are available to young people aged 15 to 20.

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