Friday April 3 - SCHOOL DAY
The day of April 3 will be dedicated to school children. There will be nearly 5,000 of them! Dozens of workshops are offered to classes, from nursery to high school. Everything is prepared in advance thanks to a close collaboration between teachers and authors. Year after year, these meetings create a cultural and educational event without equal.

The Festival attracts classes from all over Normandy; far from the preconceived ideas of a youth who would no longer read and would only listen to music that is quickly consumed.

The visible part of the iceberg reflects the work undertaken since the beginning of the school year. The choice of the musical theme for the next edition of the festival is announced in November. A first bibliographic work is done, then the networks are activated in order to find the right speakers for each workshop. In a second step, the authors are invited and a schedule is organized according to the wishes of the teachers, the time slots, the availability of the writers and the places... A meticulous and titanic work.

The icing on the cake: all ages are involved.

The Teenager's Prize

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Two shows reserved for schools

by the Compagnie sans soucis,
by Max Legoubé and Frédéric Hocké at the
Salle des Fêtes de Deauville (kindergarten)
One morning, Little Clown wakes up and finds that he has lost his colors and his circus. To find them again, he has to cross the visual worlds of Matisse, Picasso and especially Calder, whose strange bestiary is never far away. This journey will allow him to make encounters that are as surprising as they are comical.
A full explosion of colors sprinkled with humorous touches to delight the youngest.

by Zenzika,
by Wilfrid Lupano and Grégory Panaccione at the Théâtre du Casino Barrière

This "comic book concert" is a story full of twists and surprises. Wilfrid Lupano and Grégory Panaccione compose here a silent story that sparkles with mischief. The two accomplices ingeniously create and stage episodes that will distance, geographically, a couple that everyone imagines inseparable since the first day of their union. A story without words carried by a music which crosses influences pop, jazz, traditional and improvised.


Digital Museum
Access to works from the Louvre Museum and concert excerpts from the Philharmonie de Paris is now possible thanks to the Digital Museum.
From Tango to Rock to Klezmer, come and discover and understand the links between literature and music, compared to major pictorial works. During the visit, students will be able to interact in a playful way with digital tablets."

Quiz in motion
Run and debate around questions related to music, literature and books of the selection.
In the courtyard of the basins, on the boards of Deauville, students will move from one point to another to answer the quiz questions.

Exquisite Corpse
During this workshop, students are invited to create literary or graphic exquisite cadavers around the themes of the festival.
The exquisite corpse is a game that consists in having several people compose a sentence or a drawing without any of them being able to take into account what the previous person has drawn.

Electronic poetry
When does poetry become music? With the help of the Makey Makey, an electronic tool that transforms everyday objects, such as potatoes and water glasses, into connected objects, students will set sentences and words taken from the novels in the Teen Prize selection to music.

From digital to books and music
Discover two interactive installations on the theme of digital, books and music.
In groups, explore the layout of an excerpt from one of the books in the selection or an original musical creation through interaction with sensors. Thus, vary the rhythm of the music by approaching the ultrasonic sensor or the size of the typography via a potentiometer.

Literary Briefs
From the books in the selection, students draw a character, a place, a story, an object and a musical style and write a group summary of a hybrid "6th book" combining all these elements.
At the end of the session, each group reads its summary to the other members of the class.

A walk in the city
With the help of a detailed fact sheet, discover Deauville with your students. Your walk will be punctuated by questions about the places and personalities that are emblematic of the seaside resort.
This tour is both educational and fun, combining general knowledge, literature and the discovery of Deauville.
You will cross the mythical places that made Deauville: the boards, the beach, the villas and their architecture, the city center, the palaces, the casino, the port...

Leclerc Booksellers & Record Stores
As part of the "Parcours Avenir Orientation", we suggest that you and your students meet professionals from the world of books and music.


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