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Guest of the Planche(s) Contact Festival in 2013

Zhuang Jay, born on May 7th 1964 in Hangzhou (China) and graduated in geophysics from the Ocean University of China, was in charge of the IT processing for geophysical researches at the Petrol Science Institute. He became the CEO of a fret company until 2006, before taking part in the investment and building of the Hangzhou harbour. Zhuang Jay started practicing photography in the University.

Zhang Jay, a virtuoso amateur, has shot over a million images of the cultural and fashion spheres of Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong-Kong, creating a diary of China’s mutation.

In 2005, he exhibited large portraits of artists participating in the Montpellier Biennale of Chinese contemporary art.

Since 2009, he has been collecting old cinema and projection pieces, which he adapts to his digital cameras himself.

Invited for a photographic residence in Deauville, he attended the Asian Film Festival, and shared his unique vision of the city during the event.