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Nadia jas

Amateur triathlete

"Transmitting values ​​and a taste for effort". This is what presides over the participation of Nadia, school teacher and amateur triathlete, in the 6th International Triathlon of Deauville, accompanied by her daughter Olivia, aged 10 years. "Runner, hyperactive and Parisian", Nadia highlights on her blog a pronounced taste for sport and the benefits it brings. With Olivia, she shares, from training on different Deauville sites, real moments of mother-daughter complicity. On the program for Olivia: the discovery course (300 m of swimming at sea / 20 km of bicycle / 5 km of running) and for Olivia, who will compete in the pupil category among 400 children from 6 to 16 years old: 100 m of swimming in the Olympic swimming pool, 2 km of cycling and 400 m of running.

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