Deauville - Beach - January 1st, 2020


Are you having a swim or not? Deauville invites you to meet again on the beach on January 1st and have the first swim of the year!

Organized for the first time for the 150th anniversary of the foundation of Deauville in 2010, the January 1st swim has become a real ritual for hundreds of brave swimmers who are not faint-hearted. Many people are willing to give a joyful wet start to the New Year, encouraged by friends and family. On this occasion, the beach is filled up with people who want to spend a nice and friendly time. After some warm-up stretching accompanied by a pop-rock soundtrack, the participants run to a fortifying sea. The water temperature ranges between 4° and 10°, but it is sometimes higher than the air temperature. A few seconds of swimming are enough, the challenge is met and the year can start.

Hot drinks and pastries are offered to the brave participants after their swim.


Detailed program available soon.