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Eugenia Ivanissevitch

Young talent photographer of the 2012 Planche (s) Contact festival

© Eugenia Ivanissevitch for Board (s) Contact 2012
© Eugenia Ivanissevitch for Board (s) Contact 2012

"Somewhere, it joins the edge of the continent, Deauville.
I find myself facing this immense beach. It is so long that looking for the sea tires me out.
I go to her like a child who understands neither distance nor time.
Tuesday, 6 a.m., I get up. The evening meal and the cheerful conversation of the guests pulled me from my dreamy sleep; insomnia pushed me to the beach. The jockeys on their horses are already there, teasing the waves at sunrise. Images pass before me.
Shy, under the clouds, parasols also sleep. What secrets do you keep? What happens in each fold of your thick pewter pink fabric? Big silent houses in winter? Love story hostels in summer? Stories of folds, sanded bodies and closed windows.
A small grin escapes from the tip of my pillow. She stole the sheets from me and I was cold. "