All by bike ! Enjoy nature at the Marais de Blonville-Villers

Bicycle Circuit

Hidden between Villers-sur-Mer and Blonville-sur-Mer, this green lung is one of the three backwater marshes of Calvados. From the road linking the two towns, it looks like a simple and vast field. However, this singular territory at the interface between the urban and the rural world is a refuge of biodiversity that extends over 120 ha.
Three itineraries are dedicated to bicycles: Tour of the marsh (4.2 km) or variant (5.5 km) / Walk around the pond (1.2 km).


5,5 km


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Tour of the marsh - Stage 1: Entrance facing the beach - Stork platform
The main entrance for bicycles is across the crosswalk from the beach in Blonville-Villers. Once past the path, turn right and pedal along the course of the trees.
Tour of the marsh - Stage 2: Stork platform - Intersection
The stork has been back at the marsh since 2012 thanks to the platform installed to the west to encourage nesting. And it works! Each year, 2 to 3 little storks from the same faithful couple fill out the pink book of the marsh. Continuing straight ahead, you will see in the distance the Paleospace, a museum dedicated to the paleontology of the area, but also to astronomy and the study of the fauna and flora of the marsh. Then, on your right, a large pond is revealed. Our advice: bring binoculars, this natural space is full of beautiful discoveries for those who know how to look!
Tour of the marsh - Stage 3: Intersection - Chemin du Lieu Chesnay
After the pond, there is an intersection; continue straight ahead on Chemin du Lieu Chenay. This intersection is an alternative entrance for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.
Tour of the marsh - Stage 4: Chemin du Lieu Chesnay - Avenue de la Brigade Piron
In the continuity of the marsh, you go along the railroad tracks. In the distance, the houses of Blonville are getting closer, as well as the station of Blonville-sur-Mer. Follow the bicycle path and turn left.
Variant of the tour of the marsh - Stage 4 bis : Chemin du Lieu Chesnay - Route de Tourgéville
At the end of the Chemin du Lieu Chesnay, a variant of the circuit "le tour du marais" is offered to you and extends the itinerary of 1,3km. To discover this alternative, turn right. To continue on the initial circuit, go straight ahead and go directly to step 4.
Variant of the tour of the marsh - Stage 5 bis : Route de Tourgéville - Avenue de la Brigade Piron
On the way, meadows, shaded areas but also two houses wrapped in a green setting. At the intersection, turn left.
Variant of the tour of the marsh - Stage 6 bis: Avenue de la Brigade Piron
The Avenue de la Brigade Piron shows two faces: on the left, the marsh, on the right, the houses. It is at the end of this avenue, on 800m, that you find the itinerary "the tour of the marsh".
Tour of the marsh - Stage 5: Avenue de la Brigade Piron - Playground
At the end of the path, children are crowding the playground at the corner of Marcelle Haricot and Henry Millet. Here, turn left and continue on the bike path.
Tour of the marsh - Stage 6: Playground - Equestrian Center of Blonville-sur-Mer
It is a sporty Blonville that runs along the path where the Centre Equestre de Blonville-sur-Mer, the Tennis Club and a basketball court are located. At the equestrian center, turn left.
Tour of the marshes - Stage 7: Equestrian center of Blonville-sur-Mer - End of the loop
Last pedal strokes between canals, ditches, ponds and reed beds. After having bypassed the Camping de la Plage and the mobile homes, turn left to return to your starting point or continue straight ahead; the beach is only a few meters away.
Walk around the pond - 1.2 km
From the intersection of Rue des Acacias and Avenue Jean Moulin, a passageway allows bicycles to access the largest pond in the marsh. Start the tour of the pond from the left. Ducks, frogs, herons but also hygrophilous plants are revealed as you go around. On your way back, a playground surrounded by greenery will delight the children.

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