All by bike ! Linking Deauville and Saint-Arnoult by the greenway

Bicycle Circuit

The walk follows the straight track of the Deauville-La Touques racecourse, crosses the Intercommunal Leisure Park, follows the banks of the Boucles de la Touques, passes behind the Pôle International du Cheval Longines Deauville and skirts the imposing Villa Strassburger. The trail is easy and quiet, winding through green spaces and trees, among horses, cows, ducks and swans!


6.2 km


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Stage 1: Deauville-La Touques racecourse - Parc des Loisirs
On Boulevard Mauger, at the western end of the Deauville-La Touques racetrack, a sign marks the start of the new greenway that links Deauville to Saint-Arnoult, at the gates of the tracks, where it is possible to see the horses at any time of the day: in training in the morning, in competition in the afternoon on race days. After following the long straight track for 1600m, the greenway crosses the Intercommunal Leisure Park of Deauville, a paradise for children and sports enthusiasts with its soccer and volleyball fields, its many playgrounds and its footpaths.
Stage 2: Parc des Loisirs - Tennis de Saint-Arnoult
The trail then follows the banks of the Boucles de la Touques in Saint-Arnoult, where ducks and swans like to wade in peace in the "Dead River". On the left, the stables and riding arenas of the Pôle International du Cheval Longines - Deauville are revealed; a privileged access for the horses that reach the beach every morning to enjoy the benefits of the sea water.
Step 3 : Saint-Arnoult tennis court - Pedestrian crossing
When you arrive at the Saint-Arnoult tennis courts, turn right on Avenue Michel d'Ornano and take the new soft path that links Deauville. For 2km, you will walk along the Rivière Morte, where ducks enjoy splashing around, and then along the houses, giving the route a more urban feel. At the intersection of the Kyriad, Campanile and Ibis hotels, cross the crosswalk to reach the other side of the bike path and continue on Avenue Michel d'Ornano.
Step 4: Pedestrian crossing - Villa Strassburger
Once on the other side of the road, the walk becomes more shaded, skirting the horse training center of the Deauville-La Touques racetrack and marking the beginning of the Avenue Strassburger. Then you pedal along the hundred-year-old plane trees that line the new bike path before arriving, 700m further on, in front of the famous Villa Strassburger.
Stage 5: Villa Strassburger - Avenue Hocquart de Turtot
Protected as a historical monument in 1975, this residence is one of the masterpieces of the local heritage, an architectural jewel of the Norman style and the Belle Epoque. It was built in 1907 on the site of the Ferme du Coteau, property of the family of the novelist Gustave Flaubert, and then bought by the American newspaper publisher Ralph Beaver Strassburger in 1924. Throughout the year, the villa opens its doors for guided tours; as you walk through the door, oil portraits of horses, relics of the Strassburger family's life, furniture and caricatures bear witness to life at the time.
To continue walking in an equestrian atmosphere, turn right onto Avenue Hocquart de Turtot.
Stage 6: Avenue Hocquart de Turtot - Boulevard Mauger
Once on Avenue Hocquart de Turtot, you will see on your right the entrance reserved for horse owners, trainers and jockeys who come to the Deauville-La Touques racetrack; just across the street is the Elie de Brignac hall, where the famous racehorse sales take place. A few half-timbered houses stand on either side of the street and surround the Philippe Van Poele stable, whose facade is adorned with half-timbering, checkerboards and whose red under-roof is reminiscent of the Villa Strassburger.

After passing the Villa Augeval***, turn right onto Boulevard Mauger to return to your starting point. End of the loop.

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