All by bike ! The seaside from Deauville to Bénerville-sur-Mer to feel the sea spray

Bicycle Circuit

From the new Presqu'île de la Touques district to the marinas, the Planches and the breathtaking villas stretching along the coastline, this beginner-friendly loop highlights the maritime and seaside character of the in-Deauville area, which was born out of the fashion for sea bathing.


9 km


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Stage 1: Pont des Belges - Presqu'Île
From the Pont des Belges, the link between Deauville and Trouville-sur-Mer, a bicycle path has been laid out to go around the Presqu'Île de Deauville. On the east side, the Rives de la Touques Park, the city's green lung. All along its path, the Touques estuary guides passers-by and offers an exceptional view of Trouville-sur-Mer. On the west wing, the Bassin Morny, now enhanced with its new port buildings, including two lookouts located on each side of the basin and connected by a footbridge. Good news: the belvedere installed on the Presqu'île is open to the public and offers an unobstructed view from a height of almost 30 meters!
Stage 2 : Presqu'Île - Port-Deauville
Cross the footbridge to connect Port-Deauville and its marinas, then take Boulevard Cornuché. The originality of Port-Deauville lies in its architectural program which combines individual housing, organized in duplexes and triplexes, and collective housing. A sailor can moor his boat on a pontoon opposite his apartment... The buildings communicate with each other thanks to a network of suspended concrete walkways, like gangways.
Stage 3: Port-Deauville - Dyke
After the port and the parking area, turn right on the small road and reach the dike. It is 770 meters long and goes around the basin and the buildings with orange, yellow and blue facades. Continue to the point to observe a majestic panorama on the piers and the beach of Trouville-sur-Mer.
Stage 4: Dam - Les Planches
To reach the beach of Deauville, note that the promenade des Planches is forbidden to bikes. However, it is possible to walk with your bike in hand. Don't resist the call to swim; put your bike down and enjoy the water of the English Channel!
Stage 5: Les Planches - Bénerville-sur-Mer
At the end of Les Planches begins the Promenade Michel d'Ornano which runs alongside the Parc des Lais de Mer, followed by the Promenade Louis Delamarre in Tourgéville where you pass the imposing Villa Mors. Continuing straight ahead, you will arrive on the Boulevard de la mer in Bénerville-sur-Mer. Here, the atmosphere is family-oriented, as evidenced by its large children's club and its inflatable games. Not far from here, vacationers lounge on the beach at the foot of the blue and red cabins, which forge its identity.
Stage 6: Bénerville-sur-Mer - Louis Delamare Promenade
The bike path stops at the end of Boulevard de la Mer, in front of the restaurant La Terrasse des Ammonites. To return to your starting point, turn around and join the Promenade Louis Delamare in Tourgéville.
Stage 7: Promenade Louis Delamare - Boulevard Eugène Cornuché
After the Villa sur la Plage, walk along the parking lot and turn right on the pedestrian path to reach the large traffic circle with a fountain in the center.
Stage 8: Eugène Cornuché Boulevard - Quai des Yachts
The stroll ends with a beautiful straight line punctuated by numerous half-timbered residences and sublimated by the historic Hôtel Barrière Le Royal*****.

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