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Town Hall Square
Located in front of the town hall of Deauville, built in 1880 in Beaux-Arts style according to the plans of the Versailles architect Saintin and "normalized" after the Second World War by the architect Albert Guy.
20 rue Robert Fossorier
Square Francois André
This square was laid out in 1945 opposite the main entrance to the Normandy hotel. Designed as a regionalist garden, planted with apple trees, it is crisscrossed with paths that converge towards a bronze bust, erected in 1964, by François André, founder of the current Barrière group.
Rue Jean Mermoz
Square of the Saint-Augustin church
In 1914, a square was built in front of the Saint-Augustin church according to the plans of the architect Georges Madeline, on the site of the customs building. Two perpendicular motorized tracks cross it and delimit three pieces of grass, crisscrossed by pedestrian walkways. Each room is decorated with flower beds, trees and shrubs of local species, to which are added in 1969 non-native plantations, including poplars from Italy and black pines from Austria.
Charles Roffé Square
Inaugurated in 2013, this square behind the André Malraux school group is made for children! Spring games, slides, castles ... Ideal place to have fun but also picnic thanks to the furnished tables.
Route of Honfleur
Square Morchard Bishop
Morchard Bishop Square is a small corner of greenery close to the church of Saint-Gatien-des-Bois. Benches allow you to take a break and take your time. Its name comes from the twinning of the city with that of Morchard Bishop in Devon in England.
10-12 rue des Brioleurs
Square Pierre Wagone
The Pierre Wagone square is the ideal place to play, have fun and have a picnic. A multisports ground and games (swing, springs ...) are free for all ages.
Rue Jean Monnet
Town Hall Square
Located next to the church of Saint-Gatien-des-Bois, dating from the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries, and at the foot of the XNUMXth century town hall, this shaded square enjoys a prime location. It is an opportunity to take a break by sitting on one of the two armchairs of Fauteuils en Seine with a view of the church.
18 rue des Brioleurs
Marsh square
Located just a stone's throw from the Blonville-Villers marsh and the train station, this square has two picnic tables for resting after a walk through the marsh.
Brigade Piron Avenue
Square Jean Mermoz
The Jean Mermoz square is located just in front of the Villers-sur-Mer Tourist Office facing the sea. From June to November, the City's green spaces department installs the "green dinosaur", emblem of Villers- on sea !
Place Jean-Mermoz
Kiribati Square
Between tennis and the beach, Kiribati square offers a shaded break under a pergola of greenery and flowers. Children's games and benches extend this moment of relaxation.
Boulevard Pitre Chevalier
Washhouse square
The Lavoir de Villerville dates from the end of the XNUMXth century, when the town developed thanks to the arrival of tourists via the rise of the train. Now laid out with benches, it is a flowery square where everyone likes to meet, right next to the pétanque field.
Lavoir Square
General Leclerc Square
Located a stone's throw from the Deauville-Clairefontaine racecourse, the shaded square is the ideal space for playing pétanque with no less than two large fields on the edge of which benches for sitting and watching tournaments. Picnic tables are available.
General Leclerc Avenue

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